Thursday, September 11, 2008

A whole new meaning to soy with breakfast...

This morning I was craving pumpkin...and a hot coffee drink. So I decided to stop at Starbucks and ordered a soy cappuccino with 1 pump of pumpkin syrup (I always get only 1 pump of anything otherwise its too sweet for me...and too many calories). First sip = great! However, even though I love their soy drinks because they use vanilla soy milk, it was just too sweet today and you couldn't really taste the pumpkin over the vanilla. So next time, just skim milk.
I couldn't even finish my drink because it was just hitting me as way to sweet this morning and giving me that sick feeling like when you eat too much sugar.

This also didn't bode well because I was going to try out the oats and pumpkin for b-fast. I'm still sort of an oatmeal newb...only discovered I liked it last year and only ate the steel cut kind (yum!!). But I wanted to try something I've seen others do...the quick oats with some canned pumpkin and spices...etc. The sugar feeling kept me from eating breakfast until about 10:30! I went to mix up the oats and was tasting it here and there to add more cinnamon, or banana, and I had brought a mini jar of syrup (the kind you get jam or syrup in from restaurants)...well apparently at one point I had washed out the syrup jar and added something else I must of needed to bring for a lunch in the past. Good thing I poured it onto my spoon and only a little got onto the oats because it looked a little watery for maple syup...yup...SOY SAUCE!!! Hahaha! I was able to scoop out the parts that got contaminated...lost about half of the oats. Luckily I wasn't super hungry but it was just not a good food morning....pumpkin gone awry!

Hopefully the rest of the day goes a little yummier.... (although the small amount of oats was pretty good...but still needs some tweeking)

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  1. OH that is nothing short of HILARIOUS!!! That is totally something I would do- remove the syrup and put in soy sauce!! Love it! Good thing you caught it before it destroyed perfectly wonderful and innocent oats! :-D