Monday, September 22, 2008

A Much Better Evening!

Nothing a little workout can't fix. I wasn't going to let my off day keep me from the gym...I mean it really wasn't that bad. I did a half hour on the stair climber machine (I don't know the technical term haha...the one that looks like an escalator)...that thing makes you sweat!!

My hunger was full swing when I got home. I needed to use up some brussel sprouts I bought last week. I cooked them in a saute pan similar to a recipe on

Except less oil.
I had them with a third of a leftover burrito from last night, and a little leftover BBQ chicken from Saturday. I decided to eat the burrito and chicken with BBQ sauce instead of the salsa and sour cream from last night!Very good...and there were a lot of sprouts...I couldn't finish them!

Later after dinner, my roommate came home from shopping and asked if she could give me an early bday present?!?! (My bday isn't until Nov 7th!) But she had a BIG Williams-Sonoma bag and I knew what it was hehe...I've been eyeing this gorgeous cutting board for a while, but was going to wait and just register for it. Don't have to wait any longer!
I LOVE IT!! It's so big and nice and reminds me of the one Giada uses (she's my hero btw haha). Yay for EARLY bday presents :)


  1. I'm jealous of your new cutting board... It looks beautiful. I need a new one so bad.

    Just found your blog today, I must say, I will be a new regular!

  2. omg that is GORGEOUS!!! what a great roomie :)

  3. that cutting board is droolworthy. i use a plate :) what a nice roomie!

  4. Workouts definitely work wonders!! :0)


    AMAZING cutting board!! I too adore Giada - I actually got to meet her a few years ago, at an event, and she was super personable (and short, haha).

  5. Beautiful cutting board. Take good care of it!

  6. i have the exact same cutting board! the hubby convinced me to buy it (i was apprehensive about spending that much moola on a cutting board), but it was so worth it- i LOVE it!!!
    thanks so much for the comment on my blog- i'm just now getting back into the swing of things after my trip and responding to the new commenters :D

  7. haha there is nothing wrong with early bday presents. That is one gorgeous cuttingboard

  8. just gorgeous!!!!!!

    when is your wedding?