Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too much excitement for 1 night

Update from last night: When we finally got back to my apt after dinner, there was some tool parked directly in front of my driveway, blocking the whole thing!! Who does that?? So I did a quick general loud question of it outside in case the owner was close by...but nothing. So we called the police, and 45min later it was towed away! My roomie and I actually got a little satisfaction out of it haha...sometimes people park close to the driveway and make it very difficult to get in and out, but nothing we can do. So that made us wide awake, and I didn't get to bed til midnight! (wow I sound I know its not that late, but for a work night it is for me!)
Woke up not feeling so great...I think maybe it was eating so late last night...uggg. That and my throat was a little sore...awesome.
So I went for black tea with a little honey this morning, and some more tea (echinacea) when I got to work.
Surprisingly my hunger came full force around 8:30, so I had my cereal.
Kashi Go Lean Crunch (honey almond flax) mixed with Kashi Autumn Wheat, a little bit of a banana, a few strawberries, and a few blueberries...finished off with 1 cup of skim milk.Very satisfying! Mid morning I ate most of a nectarine, a few PB puffin puffs, and a few TJ's animal crackers...and headed out at lunch time!
I was definitely feeling the effects of no morning coffee (very sleepy) I got a skim misto at Starbucks, and headed to Borders to perhaps use a coupon I had for 25% off!
I bought this!
Came back and made lunch. I need a break from the salads, and since I wasn't feeling well this morning I wasn't exactly in the mood for anything and couldn't think of lunch.
I ended up having a little left overs from last night (we had a little gnocchi left, and a small amount of the potato risotto that came with the scallop entree) The potato risotto was was diced potatoes cooked risotto style...really good...I think I might want to try and re-create it using sweet potato! (sorry no pic), and for veggie I had some sugar snap peas!

These are probably one of my favorite veggies to snack on raw.

I got my protein for "dessert", and had a peach Chobani with strawberries and a sprinkling of homemade granola...delicious!

Class tonight (topic - fun) least no work tomorrow! Took the day off and mom and I are going to take a day trip to the cape (cod that is...for those not familiar).


  1. Haha, you sound like my mom - she's a civil engineer and is always getting excited about soils and wetlands, etc...

    Your lunch dessert looks so good :)

  2. Hahaha...if only I wasn't being sarcastic...this is why I contantly think of a career change...I work with people and meet people who do actually get really excited about this they hydrology guy said he gets so excited about culverts!! culverts!? Really??
    I just don't get that excited about any of it :/

  3. DOn't worry I think going to bed at 10:30 is on the late side ( I'm getting old too!) Great Cereal combination!

  4. ooh, i love me some sugar snap peas :)

  5. Yayy for Mistos...they save my life :) Peach is my favorite chobani. Mmm...They only had blueberry at the store last week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my trip tomorrow night!