Sunday, September 28, 2008

More weekend items!

Man I feel like I'm behind on my blogging!

Where was I? Oh yes, so the morning after the wedding I wanted to take Brian more into Newport because he'd never been. So we drove down and had breakfast at a great little place called the Ocean Breeze Cafe. The iced coffee flavor of the day was Banana Hazelnut! SO GOOD! I'm a sucker for fun iced coffee flavors! I ordered the Ultimate Veggie omelet, with egg whites, and whole wheat toast.

This thing was massive! It had green pepper, broccoli, olives, onion, spinach and tomatoes (the omelet is hiding under the toast but you can see the veggies all around), and was served with home fries and cantaloupe! The omelet was good, but it had a little too much cheese so I only ate the top half that had less cheese and most of the veggies (too many olives too). Over all very good, a lot of food so I def. didn't finish, but it kept me full for a long time.

I then drove Brian around the mansions, and coast so he could see all the Newport things, then we headed back to MA. First stop was my aunts house for a family bday party. She made a meal based on recipes from this months Bon Apetit! There was also a yummy cheese platter and delicious desserts.

This is all the incredible cheese! She (and most of my family) likes to get cheese from this specialty cheese shop in Wellesley, MA.

This was my plate :)

We had roast pork, polenta, roast sweet potato, and braised collard greens (my first time having collard greens...I really liked them!). I heart family parties...there's always such good food. She also made an apple crisp/ had a crust bottom but a crisp topping. My grandmother made a cheesecake as well. I split a little sliver with Brian.

Not usually one to eat and run, but we had to be back to go to the Belgian Beer fest! Its like Disney world for my fiance. I like trying a few beers but sometimes they just start to blend together. Not sure if I'll go next year...its fun, but I don't think worth the $$ for me. This was my favorite of the evening... Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence!

It really did have a rich chocolate/coffee type taste to it!

Didn't end up going to the walk this morning since it was POURING out, so I'm really feeling lazy. This weekend hasn't been the healthiest for me, and I hate that feeling, but I'll get back on track tomorrow. Looking forward to a nice long workout tomorrow after work! I also made some really good banana hazelnut muffins this morning, and will post the pics and recipe tomorrow along with whatever I make for dinner. Right now I'm planning to make some homemade tomato sauce with ground turkey and lots of veggies and serve it with Spaghetti squash!

Right now time :(


  1. That omlet sounds like its right up my ally :) I love it wehn you order a veggie omletts and they're spilling out the side

  2. Hope the studying goes well! Sounds like a fun day! That apple crisp looks ridiculous- can you nab the recipe to share?

  3. Family parties are the best! Glad you had so much fun. Good luck studying.