Monday, September 8, 2008

Favorite TV Night :)

So I had plans to go to the gym, but sometimes when its still so nice out after work I like to drive down to my favorite place to go for a run (with some walking mixed in). Its right on the water so even on hot days the ocean breeze makes it so nice!

When I got back to the apt I made a quick version of a quesadilla...1 Josephs low carb tortilla, some of the grilled chicken I made last night with the Penzey's Fajita seasoning on it, a few grilled veggies, and a tiny bit of cheddar cheese. I cooked it in a small non-stick pan with Canola Oil spray (I love the oil get a tiny bit of oil evenly distributed all over the pan!). I served it with a little Trader Joe's Peach Salsa, some red pepper strips, and a few veggie tortilla chips. Delish!

Then, as predicted, I had a mini carrot cake good.
Now its time for Gossip Girl...yeah I know...but I LOVE that show!!

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