Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unnecessary amount of food!!

To follow up on the dinner last night at that conference/meeting thing for work. I had thought I chose the "fish" but apparently I went with the "chicken"...not that it really would of made a difference. This thing was in a so-so hotel that had a so-so chain type restaurant attached to it...and when I walked in I was nervous about the fish haha...nothing worse than poorly prepared fish or just not good quality fish. I was actually relieved to see I had the chicken.

However, the thing that really baffles my mind is how much food they serve at a seated/banquet type dinner! First we got soup...chowder to be exact and by that time I was starving so I plowed through that and a packet of oyster crackers. Then a poor excuse for a salad...lots of iceberg lettuce and a few other things, and rolls...still hungry so I ate a roll and some salad. Now soup and salad would be a "normal" dinner for me...maybe even the crackers with soup...that's when I realized how ridiculous it is to be served all that PLUS an entire meal to come! (AND dessert but that was gross so no temptation there). Chicken = breast stuffed with stuffing, some gravy, Huge pile of mashed potatoes and overcooked green beans...yeah. I ate most of the chicken and green beans and maybe a bite of potatoes. My problem is when its put in front of me and everyone's eating (and I couldn't leave)...I'll eat.

Oh well, whats done is done and at least I didn't eat dessert (whatever that was), and tonight is another fun class...Wastewater! yippee :\ But at least no big dinner...probably another Starbucks vivano smoothie.

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