Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Aspect of Work

One of my favorite parts of my job (and it has NOTHING to do with what I do), is being on "The Committee". The party planning committee that is, which is just a small group of us that plan the Holiday Party and Summer Outings! Let's me pretend I am a party planner for a living for a few hours hehe. For our Holiday Party this year we are having a little Casino night of sorts! It will be a nice change from a sit down dinner, and helps people interact more...going from different game tables and such. Right now I'm in charge of invites...perfect practice for the wedding invites! :)

Breakfast was especially tasty this morning! I had some more of the TJ's plain Greek yogurt, with strawberries, half of a sliced banana, and instead of a granola/cereal topping I toasted up a Kashi frozen waffle, broke it into pieces and topped the whole thing with some real maple syrup...mmmm.

For a mid morning snack a broke of a piece of a Cashew Cookie far this is my FAV flavor!!

Lunch was a mish-mosh of things...but so good! I had a sliced up tomato with a little salt sprinkled on top, a few pieces of reduced fat cheddar cheese, a cut up apple, a few crackers I found in the kitchen here at work (slightly stale but did the trick), and some PB! It was filling!

I couldn't finish my was HUGE...what you see on my plate is a little less than half of it, but I can't stand putting a cut tomato in the fridge...the fridge just ruins it in my opinion.
All I was missing from this meal is a nice glass of wine...oh well. Still have that soup leftover from yesterday, might have it before I leave since it's a gym then class night. Tonight's super exciting topic...Economics :/
Loving this Fall weather, but it's so hard to dress for it! Its so cold in the morning when I'm picking out my clothes and then when I leave work its warm...but not's my favorite time of year!


  1. Being on "The Committee" sounds like so much fun!!

    Oooh, love the breakfast and lunch!! And hooray for Cashew Cookie Larabars!! :0)

    Good luck with class tonight!!

    Yeah I know - it's FREEZING in the morning, but warmer in the afternoon. Not easy to dress for, but thank goodness for layering :0)

  2. Such a sophisticated lunch :D I love it when I love my job too!

  3. I love tomato with salt on top! So yummy! People always look at me weird when I bring it into work for lunch haha. Hope you're having a good night!

  4. I'm on the aprty commitee at work to! It livens things up a bit doesn't it?

    I love your breakfast combinationa dn the presentation looks yum!