Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Friday

It's been such beautiful weather the past like 2 weeks, and figures today its crappy and raining out with my friends wedding tonight! I feel so bad for her, but what are you going to do!? Make the best of it, I know it's going to be so fun anyways. The only thing that it may mess up is their pictures, I know she wanted some outside.

Only working a half day today :) Then heading down to Newport, RI. The ceremony is in Newport, and the reception is here. Can't wait to see so many friends from college! The girl getting married, Jess, was one of my good friends in my major and we lived together for a year right after graduation.

I was so happy to get to the gym last night, and did 35min on the treadmill alternating some fast walking, running, and high incline walking! Then did my WF/Starbucks run before class. I didn't feel like a smoothie today, so I got a little salad bar...

A chunk of grilled chicken, some peas, and a few bites of Pad Thai...random. I wanted some protein, then I really like peas sometime, and the Pad Thai looked better than it tasted. It was good just didn't have that really good Pad Thai taste. I also got an iced coffee with soy milk.Class went later than normal...grrrr... I even left before it was over, I had a lot to do. I wanted to straighten my hair for the wedding and really needed to do that last night...takes way too long to do it in the AM.

This morning I finished off the rest of the container of TJ's plain Greek yogurt, with a banana, a couple strawberries (they are hiding in the pics), and a H2H waffle on top with drizzled maple syrup! SO GOOD!

I'm heading out of here at 11:30, stopping at my apt to get my stuff, then heading down to the hotel!

Tomorrow after we leave Newport, we are stopping at my aunts house for a family bday party then back to my apt to meet up with people before we go to the Belgian Beer Fest! My fiance brews his own beer, and is really into craft beers, and brewing and all that stuff. One of his favorite types of beer is Belgian' he is SO excited for this fest every year. I don't drink much in general, and usually cant finish a whole glass of anything but light beer, but a lot of these really taste good. Blue Mood is a good example of a Belgian.

So, I'm not positive when I'll be posting next but it will have LOTS of pictures :)


  1. oooh i love the idea of combining yogurt, waffles, banana and honey! YUM!
    have an amazing time at the wedding!

  2. I love the yogurt/waffle combo - it's one of my faves! Have fun at the wedding :)

  3. Belgian beer fest sounds awesome!

    Have fun at the wedding!

  4. Love the idea of waffles in the bowl!

  5. Have a wonderful time this weekend, Briget!!

  6. Wow. What a lovely, creative, and delicious way to eat a waffle!