Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday here...perfect for cooking.

I was excited when I woke up because I knew I was going to have some of my freshly made granola for breakfast. I decided to make what I see so many of you bloggers made for breakfast...oats with some granola on top! I cooked the oats with half water and half Vanilla Soy milk, added half of a banana, some ground flax, a little maple syrup and of course topped off with my granola.
Served with a small bite of banana, and some red grapes! yum!

Then I headed out to run errands and go to my favorite grocery store EVER....Russo's

Russo's is produce HEAVEN! They have everything and its always so fresh and good quality, AND most of its cheaper than your regular grocery store! Along with tons of produce they have an incredible cheese section, great deli (mmmm prosciutto), amazing prepared foods, a bakery, and garden center.I got lots of fun stuff...hopefully I'll remember to take pics of it later.

Then got a delicious cappuccino for my caffeine fix...I was getting a headache...not good. I probably have a slight caffeine addiction, I don't drink that much, only 1 coffee a day...but most of the time if I don't have any I'll get a headache.
Oh well I love coffee


  1. Ah yes, rainy days are DEFINITELY ideal for cooking (and baking!! my favorite).

    Glad you liked the granola!!

    Russo's looks like a great store!! Looove all that produce.