Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fashion, Food, and Free Swag!

Mom, roomie, and I had a very fun (and very productive for myself) evening! Took this pic of mom and I in the commons because she had her hair done today and was looking great!

It all started off with a little bridal fashion show at Shreve, Crump, and Low in downtown Boston. We got there a little early and perused some sparkly jewels while we waited for the show to start. The show had a few bridal gowns, and some other evening gowns...nothing spectacular, but there were a lot of fun's a few shots I got:

The pink dress was really cute...I loved the plaid sash.

Another fav was the black and white dress

What's under the big blue coat?? (which looked really cool when she walked btw)

After we watched the show, and got our free gift bags...with lots of fun stuff, like really nice hair samples, a $25 gift card to one of the really nice salons in Boston, a cute little change purse, and other coupons and samples...we then walked over to Macy's.

I got some hot little booties which I'll post a pic of tomorrow, and a dress to wear to my friends wedding next Friday! Its a dark green satin, one shoulder, cocktail dress...I'll post a pic of that sometime as well.

Finally ended up at Ivy in downtown...its like Italian tapas, we weren't that hungry but wanted something small and yummy!

We got the Ivy Salad (which has delish goat cheese crostinis)...sorry bad lighting
We also enjoyed the seared scallops, cornmeal crusted shrimp with a squash risotto, and pesto delicious!

We each had a shrimp, scallop, and a little of everything else...delicious!


  1. SPECTACULAR evening!!!!!! I'm speechless after viewing those gorgeous gowns.

  2. your day looked fun! i love going to bridal shows :D

  3. Those are some umm.. interesting dresses. It looked like so much fun! And I'm always up for a free goodie bag