Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lunch bites!

After two different grocery trips this past weekend, I somehow managed to not have any protein items to go with my salads! Not a huge deal, I do enjoy hummus and pitas, but today I wanted some sort of something to go with my salad:

I had to take Brian (the fiance) to drop his car off to be inspected, and then we swung through Whole Foods so he could get lunch...and maybe something for me too!

I hit up the hot food bar today...for a few bites...I got about 4oz (half a small soup container) of turkey chili, and another small contained with about 2-3 bites of Mac and Cheese and 1 small chicken tender. I love doing this because I probably would never eat a whole meal out of the Mac and Cheese (too heavy), but sometimes it looks so good I just want a BITE!!

The chicken tender bite was great...tasted like the kind you would make yourself if you breaded and pan fried it, and not greasy!

I also got a Larabar to try! I've tried some in the past and wasn't a big fan, but I see so many of you thoroughly enjoying them so I figured I'd give it another shot, and I hadn't tried this flavor before...

I'll save this for a great snack sometime.

Finally I finished my lunch with my last piece of TJ's dark chocolate pistachio toffee...incredible

And now I'm pretty full actually, so I should be good until my apple for the ride home :)

Fun Night Tonight! Mom, my Maid of Honor (and roommate) Jocy, and I are going to a Bridal Fashion show in Boston tonight (it's Boston Fashion Week)! It's right in front of Shreve Crump & Low on Boylston St! So nice out, cant wait! I'll try to get some good pics and post tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Yummy - I love Whole Foods, but it's so darn expensive :(

  2. Another Bridget in healthy-blogland?!
    I don't meet too many other Bridgets, especially who spell it the same way, so I wanted to say HI!

    Cute blog! Looks like a great stop in Whole Foods.


  3. Larabars are definitely hit or miss. I fell in love with the peanut butter flavor , but was disgusted by the cherry bar. Maybe the Ginger Snap will be a hit! Hsve fun at the bridal expo!

  4. LARABAR!!!!!

    I just got back from Whole Foods (a.k.a. my second home, haha).

    Have fun tonight!

  5. The salad looks so pretty... and tasty too :) Have fun @ the Bridal Expo tonight, that's so exciting!

  6. Oh my gosh-have so much fun at the fashion show! I bet that will be so cool! You are going to look gorgeous at your wedding! I can't wait for the pics!

    Again, I <3 whole foods! I love that you can get little bites of stuff! I'm def a variety eater, so this is perfect for me as well!