Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PB and a bowl :)

Yum breakfast! I finally bought some PB Puffins Cereal...and it's incredible!! I love the regular and cinnamon kind, but just never thought I'd like the whole PB cereal thing...although now that I think of it that seems so dumb because I LOVE cereal and I LOVE PB.

Food packed up this morning (bfast, lunch, snacks, and iced coffee)

Breakfast was PB puffins mixed with Kashi Autumn Wheat and half a banana and skim milk...Delish!
I also tried a new tea this morning! My roommate ran her first 5k last weekend (g0 her!), and she gave me this tea to from her goodie bags of free stuff, its by The Republic of Tea and is pomegranate vanilla Red tea!

I really liked smells sweet, but then has a hint of tartness from the pom. I'd buy it!

Lunch today is a big salad, with the other half of the ear of corn from last night cut off the cob, and a pita with hummus...and possibly cheese if needed :) Class tonight...booo! Tonight's topic is Hydrology...I do a lot of this at work so hopefully it will sound familiar. At least the whole gym then Whole Foods/Starbucks trip before class makes it more bearable


  1. Your food is so gorgeous and colorful!! Love it.

    Pomegranate-Vanilla Red tea?? I need to tell my mom about that (she's a big fan of tea, and has literally tried every flavor out there).

    Good luck with classes tonight!!

  2. Your food looks so yummy. I have meaning to try the PB puffins, they are just tad on the expensive side for me.

  3. oh yes, PB puffins... i can't keep them in the house! I love pom tea, though I usually go for the pom green tea. The vanilla mix, though, sounds great!!

  4. I love corn on the cob the next day, I don't know why but I think it tastes even better! And its totally great mixed into a salad!

    Hope class went well- I bet the starbucks and WFs made it much much better!