Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crisp Morning

Good Morning Everyone!

I LOVE this weather today...this morning was crisp and cool and I even turned on my heated seat when I got into the car (first time using it on the new car :), and I added an extra blanket last night while sleeping. Fall is my favorite season...which is why I wanted to get married in September! If we didn't already have iced coffee made at the apartment, I totally would of stopped for a nice hot coffee drink...definitely going to tomorrow...I'm craving a cappuccino with 1 pump of pumpkin from Starbucks!

Well, this mornings breakfast was almost the same as yesterday...Chobani, Banana, Blueberries, and Kashi, but today I used Plain yogurt instead of vanilla and I added a little honey to it. I think I like the plain with some honey I add rather than the already sweet vanilla...but the vanilla was still delish!

I hope I can get around to doing some more baking and fav time of year to do that too! This weekend might actually not be so busy for once so I'll have to start finding some recipe's I've wanted to make. I don't cook or bake much in the summer because we have no AC in the apt and the Kitchen gets way too hot!

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