Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pants and Pumpkin Coffee

Recap from yesterday afternoon/evening: I finished my day here at work with a perfect little afternoon snack of a TJ's blueberry Greek yogurt with some chopped strawberry on top, and a few TJ's sour cream and onion rice crisps (although after only eating a few I dropped the bag on the floor and they all fell out :( )

Shopping was...OK... The closest mall to Brian's place (and both our offices) is right over the border in NH. No offense to NH, but they don't have the greatest Malls. Brian ended up getting a couple pairs of work pants, no shoes for me, and we decided he'll just wear a shirt and tie he already has! At least we saved some money right??

This obviously meant dinner at the Mall...more slim pickings...the food court just kind of grosses me out, so we went to Bertuccis's. I wasn't that hungry so I ordered the antipasti appetizer to pick at. It had roasted peppers, zucchini, artichokes, and asparagus, along with some roasted tomatoes, a few slices of prosciutto, some cherry tomatoes and fresh mozz. balls, and black olives...I think that's it. Didn't take a pic because I felt like too many people would see and be confused haha. It was pretty my veggies and a little protein...mmm prosciutto!

One of my fav parts of staying at Brian's (after spending some QT with the boy of course!) going to my favorite little coffee shop in Andover...

Andover is such a nice town, with a really cute downtown. (the pics have some cones because they are re-doing all the roads and sidewalks...almost done though!) Lots of little shops! I love it, and his apt is within walking distance which is so nice in the warmer weather! Actually and in the cold weather too...we did walk down to the park in frigid March which then he proceeded to propose to me!! :)

This coffee shop is my favorite because they always have so many flavors of hot AND iced coffee, all brewed (not the flavor shots). This morning I got a hot pumpkin spice coffee with milk :)

This went really well with my oatmeal that was waiting for me in the fridge at work this morning...I was really looking forward to this since yesterday's bowl was SO GOOD! Today's was JUST as delicious! It heats up really well...2 min in the micro...stopping a couple times to stir and add water if needed.

I think I may take a lunch trip to Marshalls to continue the shoe search...the one near here has a HUGE shoe dept! Yay for thursday, week's almost over!


  1. The coffe sounds great, I need to find some pumpkin spice hot tea :)

  2. omg your fiance lives in andover?!?! the gelato place is sooooo close to him! have you been there? it is called DOLCE FREDDO.

    you must go!


    you won't be disappointed!

    one of my best friends lives with her parents in north andover!

  4. I love Andover :0)

    Gorgeous oats!!

    Have fun shopping today!! I hope that it's a 100% successful trip!!

  5. mmm that pumpkin coffee sounds wonderful! i love pumpkin anything :D
    good luck on the shoe quest!

  6. Whoa- that place is totally new since I left. That looks like its where Kabloom use to be (I use to work at Kabloom when I was in high school/at the start of college).

    Did you go to Rockingham mall? We use to rock up that way, no sales tax!

  7. or is that where the dunkin donuts use to be? I can't tell from the pic ;)

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