Friday, September 19, 2008

By the Sea Shore

Today was a really nice relaxing day with my mom.
We headed out this morning and planned to stop at my aunt's bakery on the way down for breakfast. My aunt is a pastry chef and did that for a living for a long time (she's making my wedding cake!), stopped for a while when she had kids, and then a few years ago she opened a little Bakery and Cafe in Medfield, MA...Honey's Bakery and Cafe!

(that's actually my aunt on the side...she was running down to get something when I got there)

Yum...pastries in the case...and a little cake!

We split a breakfast sandwich and I got a coffee. I love going there because it's exactly what I picture myself doing someday...I love being in the back when she's baking
(my aunt in the back, mom on the right)

Fueled up and off to the's about 1.5-2hours away, and we went into Chatham which is pretty far into the cape. Did some fun shopping, I found a great little store with really cute place mats and napkins and I bought a couple sets which I can't wait to photograph some food on!

For lunch we went to...

We both had cups of clam chowder and small garden salads. The chowder was incredible!

More shopping, and then went for a little drive, and stopped at a small scenic area to look at the was such a beautiful day out!

More driving...a few more stores...and an early know I couldn't leave without...mmmmmmmmmm! The corn left much to be desired, but really who cares...delectable!
And just for fun a cute pic of my baby (well my mom's technically I guess)

Getting my hair done in the AM, then hopefully some studying for the boy comes over :)

Have a great night everyone!


  1. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL, Bridge!!! I just know of that area from the movie, SUMMER CATCH ;) Lerveeedd Freddy Prince Jr. Haha, what a NAME, right? Anyways, love all the pics! So fab! ESPECIALLY that one of your PRECIOUS pooch! A lassa apsa?? Love it! Have a great night, love bug!

  2. that dessert looks great!

    suuure walking while running is fine! look up "galloway method" online for more info!

  3. What a lovely day you had!!

    Cute dog :0)

    Happy Saturday!!

  4. Willow is a shi tzuh actually, but they look really similar to lasso apso's, only a tad smaller...but not in Willow's case, she's a chuncker :)

    I am definitely going to look into the Galloway method! Thanks!