Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love yogurt!

I think breakfast might be my favorite meal of the day...I just love breakfast foods! And Coffee!!
This morning I had some vanilla Soy Milk in my rainforest nut iced coffee...really good.

I just finished my breakfast here at work. I like to try to hold off til around 9am for breakfast so that I'm not starving by lunch, but since I'm usually a little hungry first thing in the morning (plus by 9 I've been up for at least 3-3.5hours), I tend to have a few random bites of things while packing up breakfast and lunch in the morning.
This morning's bfast was Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt, with 1/2 banana, some mini Maine blueberries and 1/4cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch (honey almond flax). I usually buy plain Greek yogurt, but wanted to try the vanilla (plus Chobani was on sale at Stop and Shop on Sunday!!) was a tad sweeter than I'm used to but still very yummy.

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  1. vanilla chobani is so good :) love the kashi/yogurt/berry combo!