Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Type Things

Nothing too exciting today... It was really chilly when I got up (I think it was in the 40's!), but I decided to go for a little run before I had to leave for my hair appointment. I don't really like running when it's that cold...the cold air hurts my throat, but I was glad I went.

Got back, warmed up with a nice hot shower and had a delicious bowl of multi-grain cheerios and strawberries. Not the most nutritionally dense cereal ever, but it was the best my mom had...she's gradually learning :)

I had a great hair appointment...I love chatting with my hair dresser! I usually do a color and cut and then she blows and straightens my hair. I have really curly hair so its nice to get someone else to straighten it sometime. I was starving by the time it was over (around 12:15), hit up Starbucks for a non-fat iced latte and snacked on some PB puffins I had packed from yesterday.
Stopped at the jewelry store on the way home, because there's a weird little discolored spot on my ring!! Don't really know what it is but I hope they can clean it! They asked to let it sit in solution for a while so I ran some errands and got some lunch at Panera because I didn't know what time I'd get back to my apt.

I got half of the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and half of an Asian chicken salad! That sandwich was delish...veggies, feta, and some cilantro hummus!

Finally got home, cleaned a bit before Brian came over and had a juicy nectarine as a snack...

Since it was SUCH a gorgeous day, we decided to go down to Castle Island, in south Boston for a walk. The whole path around is 2 miles along the water :) This is also where we are going to take our engagement pics in a few weeks!

I was going to make dinner...but we were pretty hungry then, Brian was in the mood for some BBQ, so we tried Red Bones ( a really popular place in Somerville...and very popular tonight apparently)...there were SO many people waiting thanks.

So we drove into Arlington, and got some BBQ to go from Blue Ribbon...I got pulled chicken with green beans, and black eyed corn. Brian got ribs, baked beans, and Cole slaw...he likes it classic.
(not sure whats up with the sideways picture?)...they give a TON of food! So I made a separate plate...
Oh and of course it came with corn bread...I LOVE corn bread!!! The veggies were so-so, but I guess you don't go to a BBQ place for the veggies. I do, however, have a nice amount of chicken for leftovers :)

Spending a nice relaxing night in with the future husband...good night!

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