Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The best way for me to watch my caloric intake is to keep a daily record of what I eat. If I get into a good habit of it for a few weeks I can usually take a break as my brain can now do it for me on its own. Although its great to see where I need to cut back or when I can have an extra treat! Currently I'm using sparkpeople's got a lot of foods to search from and you can also enter your own manually...I also like that I can enter recipes and get the nutritional facts for something I make!

Today's spark so far...

Looking good so far! I am going to this workshop/conference/dinner thing tonight for work...and I picked the "fish" option for we'll see exactly what that means. Good thing I have snacks...I have 3 dried apricots and a few TJ's animal crackers, as well as an apple.

My wrap for lunch was supposed to be a Greek wrap...but as I looked at the picture I realized I totally forgot to add the Feta!!! Bummer...oh well it was still good (hummus, chicken, grilled zucchini, cucumbers)...and salad with broccoli slaw and Annie's Honey Mustard vinaigrette!


  1. I hope the work dinner thing goes well! I love when they give you protein choices with no description! I mean lets be honest, we all like some version of chicken or fish but not every version!

  2. What a cool program! I'll have to check that out. Your Greek wrap looks very tasty.

  3. I love how Spark shows you the breakdown of Carbs, Fat, etc. Nice to know!

    Good luck with the dinner! Social things when you're trying to stick to a plan can be challenging.