Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Fun!! My first blog tag...I was tagged by Meghann, so here goes:

4 Things I Did Today
  • the usual 8-5 at work...boring I know
  • Made a quick gym trip
  • Hit up WF's and Starbucks for a little post-gym snack and energy boost
  • Went to my review class...tonight topic was Construction Management
    (wow what a boring day...tomorrow's will be better)

4 Things on my To-Do List

  • pick a Caterer for the wedding (this has to be decided by the end of the week!)
  • pack my bag for tomorrow night (staying at Brian's)
  • Study! (perpetual to-do item until Oct 24)
  • Find an outfit for my engagement pictures

4 of my Guilty Pleasures

  • I suppose almost ALL of my TV shows (gossip girl, the hills, 90210, One tree hill, Greek...etc, anything involving teenage drama haha)
  • Clothes and Shoes....and purses
  • food shopping! (specifically WF's)
  • Ice cream and cheese :)

4 Random Facts about Me

  • I was on my high school dance team, college dance team, and an Arena Football dance team! (almost made Celtics dancers...made it to finals last year but it was a no go)
  • I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2004 with my B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • I'm an only child, but have 25 first cousins
  • I'm mostly a girly girl (love PINK, and make-up, clothes...etc), but I really like to go camping once in a while with the fiance...but only for a couple days :)

That was fun! Hmmm...I think I'll tag...Erica at Itzy's Kitchen

Back to my day.

First of all I finally tried a Cherry Pie Larabar...SO GOOD...I think it's now my favorite. I just loved how the cherry made it a little tart. My previous fav, Cashew Cookie, is delicious but much sweeter and couldn't eat it all at once, but this cherry one is awesome!

After the gym, my WF's/Starbucks trip consisted of a couple cheese samples, then this little sampler from the cold salad bar.

In my small soup container (with a few bites gone already), there are a couple pieces of grilled chicken, a piece of grilled summer squash, a few pesto tortellinis, and green peas.

My Starbucks du jour was a tall non-fat iced latte with 1 pump mocha...haven't had anything with mocha in SO was awesome!!

After my review class, which was actually bearable tonight, I came home still hungry. So I ate a roll-up of 1 slice provolone, 2 slices turkey pastrami, all rolled around 2 grape tomatoes!

I also had a small piece of low carb pita and hummus, and a small handful of PB Puffins for dessert.

Now one last thing on my To-Do list...GO TO BED!!


  1. You're so awesome! Love the facts I think that is so cool that you are such an amazing dancer (the celtics don't know what they're missing!) I will tackle this tomorrow! thanks for tagging me ;)

  2. Love these memes!! Your first 3 guilty pleasures are mine as well :0)

    Ironically, Cherry Pie is the ONLY flavor of Larabars that I don't like, haha! You can still enjoy it though ;0)

  3. Saw your comment on my blog - I'm actually VERY surprised that my glasses stay on (especially when doing lifts and dips, haha), and am praying that they continue to do so!! :0)

    It's so fun that you're a dancer too, since we can relate on the topic so well - hooray!! :0)

  4. I'm glad you had fun with it. It was fun for me too!

  5. all of our guilty pleasures are the exact same :D i used to dance, too and miss it like CRAZY!!!
    cherry pie is the only flavor i haven't tried!!!
    hope you have a happy wednesday!

  6. I can not beleive you have 25 first cousins! thats crazy.. when ru getting married?

  7. TV High School drama is the best kind of course!