Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apples Apples!

Luckily things got better since the breakfast mishap... Lunch was nothing new, but still tasted great. Same salad as yesterday, and the Greek wrap WITH Feta this time.

Before I ate lunch though, I took a trip to Mann Orchard's which is only a 10min ride from work!

This is where I got the pumpkin butter I've been talking about lately. As it is the beginning of apple season, they have only had Paula Red's out (which are great btw), but I was so excited to walk in today and see this....

Honey Crisp AND Macs!!!!!! I bought 3 of each...for now. I think it was a year or two ago I discovered Honey Crisp apples...they are incredible!!! It's a hybrid apple and is a mix of Macoun (one of my favs) and Honeygold. They are very crisp and so juicy and must try one!

So now I know what my pre-workout snack will be. Then a protein smoothie after for dinner before fun.


  1. mmmm I miss the fresh apple farms up in New England! I loved going apple picking and looking/tasting all of the yummy baked goods at the farm! Macs are awesome apples! They're like fruit candy!

  2. Orchards, apples, :'( I miss fall! Haha, but seriously, I do, enjoy your delectable treats, I'm so jealous

    P.S. Nice blog :)