Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dreary Afternoon

There was a few minutes today where I thought we would loose power! It got so dark, windy, and raining sideways!

Had a meeting around lunch time today so I ate my wrap (same as yesterday...chicken, pesto, roast zucchini/summer squash mmmm), and just had my salad now...followed by 1/4 of the last carrot cupcake leftover from yesterday.

Tonight I have a really awesome (sarcasm) review class. I have to take my profession engineering exam at the end of October, so starting last Thursday I have class on most Tuesday and Thursday nights up until the exam. Sucks. Especially because my favorite dance class I usually go to every week is on Tuesdays :( Its the one exercise activity that I really really look forward to, and the same dance class is offered on Saturdays but its just so hard to have an open Saturday lately!

Oh well, at least the class happens to be right down the street from my gym, so I might so a quick workout before class...AND also around the corner is Starbucks and Whole Foods so I'm thinking maybe one of the new Starbucks smoothies (Banana chocolate!) and add a shot of espresso to keep me awake tonight (on the agenda...Hydraulics...I know your jealous)


  1. Wrap looks yummy! Turbo is a group fitness class I teach- turbo kick ( Its a blast!

    I didn't know your were an engineer? I went to school for Industrial Engineering. What about you?

  2. Nice! Good for you! I went to Penn State! I actually live in MD right now and am moving to SC, but I am from Boston (Andover)!!

    I did a search on for classes near you and it looks like the closest gym to you is kinda far:

    Gold's Gym
    27 milliston rd
    Millis , MA 02054
    Every Week
    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

    You can buy an at home version called Turbo Jam.