Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Possible Shoe Success!

But first, some snacks... For my mid morning snack I chomped on a delicious Macoun apple. Apples you pick are just SO much better than anything you buy.

I also wanted to try a new bar I picked up at Trader Joe's this past weekend. I only ate about 1/3 of it because the whole thing is 280 calories and I just wanted a little bit. I thought it was pretty good! Not amazing, but was nicely chocolaty and coconuty.

It had a similar "raw" texture of a Larabar, but the ingredients seemed more finely ground than a Larabar. The ingredients are: Cashew, Agave Nectar, Date, Coconut, Cocoa Powder processed with Alkali, Almond, Sprouted Flax Seed. All ingredients are certified organic and the bar is 82.2% Raw. I find the first bite interesting, and then the more I eat it the more I taste the coconut and chocolate flavors and like it more and more!
Then I set out on a mission...find some interesting shoes! I hate buying shoes because I feel like I have to. In reality I do own a pair of black shoes that I COULD wear, but I always like to add an interesting/different element to my outfits. My dress is more simple, but classic...its dark green satin, one shoulder, just below the knee, and it pretty fitted like a pencil skirt. Its got some black around the waist and on the shoulder. I wanted to find a really FUN shoe, like dark purple or something! My black shoes at home are okay but have seen better days.

Unfortunately I didn't find the FUN factor I was looking for but these were on clearance ($25), and may look better than what I had at home.

I'll have to try them on with the dress later tonight. Also while at Marshalls I picked up a bag of coffee that was screaming my name...

YUM! Can't wait to try that out tomorrow morning.

When I got back to the office I ate my lunch at my desk. Nothing too exciting...a half of a PB and J on Sprouted wheat bread, and a salad consisting of:

- romaine
- avocado
- green pepper
- cucumber
- tomato
- croutons
- cheddar cheese
- Annie's honey mustard vinaigrette

This pic was taken after I shook it up with dressing so you can't see everything...

I'm currently sipping some Tropical Acai Berry Green Tea! Its nice and fruity and tart.

Class tonight, and I DO HAVE MY SNEAKERS! So definitely going to the gym.

Back on later tonight!


  1. "Apples you pick are just SO much better than anything you buy." Amen to that!! :0)

    CUTE shoes!!

    Mmm, PBJ!! A lunchtime classic :0)

    Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!!

  2. i LOVE the shoes!!!
    that coffee looks awesome, too!
    glad you found a delicious bar.. wish we had a tj's here SOOOO bad!
    have a wonderful evening

  3. Hahah- glad you remembered the sneakers tonight :)

    I like the shoes- the stitching makes them! Your dress sounds adorable and so fall appropriate! I can't wait to see the pictures.

    I want to go apple picking -- those apples looking amazing!

  4. Hot shoes!

    I've seen those bars, thanks for the review. :)

  5. Those shoes are ADORABLE! I hope they work with your outfit!