Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sparkly things and dinner

So I called and my ring was ready to be picked up!!! Yippee! It's been a long two days without it, and now it fits perfectly...and I swear its more sparkly and shiny than the day Brian proposed:
(p.s. so glad I got the nails done yesterday)
After I stopped starring...we headed back to my apt, but not before stopping at a yummy little bakery for a treat. We shared a sugared butter cookie and a mini pecan roll.

Brian holding the little sail boat butter cookie:

Yummy little pecan roll...
Later on I got started on dinner. I made the Crispy Salmon Burgers from the April 2008 edition of Women's Health...with a few tweaks. The original recipe called for:
- 1 (14.75 oz) can of salmon (I had a can of Wild Alaskan Salmon from Trader Joe's)
- 1/2 cup crushed whole wheat crackers
- 3 T light mayo
- 1/2t chopped garlic
- 1T lemon juice
- 1 chopped scallion
- 1/2t pepper

I added a heaping tsp of Dijon mustard and extra scallions...
I also made a salad by Ellie Krieger...Arugula Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette

The only change I made was to grill the artichokes first:

The burgers and pitas grilling:
The salad had the grilled artichokes, arugula, and tomatoes. I added some baby spinach that I wanted to use up, and I used a regular tomato and an yellow heirloom tomato:

Before the dressing:
The burgers, pitas, and sliced tomato...


My plate...yum!!
(stupid shadow on my plate)

Then we went for ice cream...I got a kiddie coffee Oreo frozen yogurt...AND we noticed that a new Upper Crust (best pizza ever) just opened about 5min from my apt!

So long tomorrow :(


  1. Your ring is absolutley gorgeous.

    I am the biggest fan of salmon burgers. Your meal looks delcious!

  2. What a fabulous looking dinner. And the ring, don't get me started! Its so unique, I love it!