Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need to Slow Down

My eating that is. I've eaten fast for as long as I can remember. My dad was a really fast eater, and my mom wasn't too slow herself whether she was always fast or being with my dad sped her up. So all my life I just watched them eat so quick and adopted those habits along the way. This is something I wish I could change. You tend to eat too much when you eat fast because you don't give your stomach enough time to tell your brain that you're full...and then its too late and the "ohhhh I'm soooo fullllll" sets in haha. This is especially bad around the holidays. Lately I've wanted to make a conscious effort to slow down. The only time I seem to do this is when I'm at a really fancy restaurant savoring some incredible food that I don't want to end. I try to remember on a day to day's usually not until I have finished my meal so quick that I remember that I wanted to slow down...

How do I remember BEFORE I start eating?!???! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Now onto the things I have quickly eaten today ;)

Breakfast...same as yesterday...but still so good. One of my muffins toasted with a tiny bit of light whipped butter and some cinnamon/sugar sprinkled on top. Along with a half cup of TJ's non-fat plain Greek yogurt with raspberries (I then topped it with some granola and a honey drizzle).

This held me over for longer than normal :) Around noon I had a pre-lunch snack because I didn't want to eat lunch just yet. I had a banana, and then found a big fruit salad in the work fridge...yum!I love when there's nice fresh cut fruit around!

A little later I was hungry for lunch and was really excited to eat my spaghetti squash and sauce leftovers!

Delicious! Although the re-heated squash seemed to need some seasoning because I felt like it "diluted" the sauce. I love a sauce that I can just eat plain...mmmm. Great lunch! Full now (and as soon as I finished eating I felt that feeling like I just ate way too fast!) I should leave little post-its on my lunch Tupperware...SLOW DOWN!!

For dessert I had a miniature Milky way dark from the secretary's desk, and 2 choc. covered espresso beans from a little stash I brought in....YUM Nothing like chocolate covered Coffee!


  1. I have the same exact problem :( My whole family eats fast. My great Aunt Mattie always got made fun of because she was so slow. Now I wish that I was the slow one, hehe. I'm not sure how to remember. Maybe trying to eat at a table, sitting down, without anything else around would help. But I don't know how to remember that either.

    Actually, maybe write a note and stick it to your camera - for those of us that take pics of everything we eat, that could definitely work :D


    You've been tagged :)

  3. Be sure to plan out enough time to eat, so that you won't feel rushed in the first place. Good luck!!

    Fresh fruit + spaghetti squash = YUM!!!!!

  4. im not sure how to train yourself to slow down, but i do know that using a small spoon sure helps me!

  5. When I am REAALLLLY hungry...HANGRY even, I sometimes don't even take the time to plate my food. I've been workin on that. Maybe make sure you are snackin enough to hold you between meals so your bloodsugar doesn't get crazy low and you WONK OUT!

  6. I know a lot of people say to eat while doing nothing else, but that doesn't work for me. If I am engaged (reading a mag, watching TV, talking with people) I take a longer time to eat.