Friday, September 12, 2008 to a great start!

First I need to start with a cute little "awww" moment from the fiance this morning. He made some homemade chili Wednesday night and I asked if he would swing by my work this morning to drop me off some for lunch (he works a mile away). So he comes by with a bag for me, and when I get back to my desk I look inside and there's the chili, tortillas, cheese, a little container of sour cream, a Kashi blackberry breakfast bar, and a box of raisins! So cute...I probably wont eat all that but still sweet that he gave me all the extras!

Also inside was a red envelope that said "open me".....(background: I had keys to his last apt, but since he's been in this current one we just haven't gotten around to making me a key)...inside was a little note that said "Since you already have the key to my heart you should probably have the key to my apartment as well!" And the key in a little pink bag. This put a big smile on my face and my fiance is not the type to do stuff like this often so when he does its that much more special...even just a little note :)

Then to go with my homemade rainforest nut iced coffee with vanilla soy milk...I had a kashi cereal combo...Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax and Autumn Wheat with lots of little Maine blueberries and skim milk:

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  1. How sweet, I love those little romantic things that mean so much. Sounds like you have a great guy :) enjoy your Friday!