Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wish I Was Outside

This afternoon I had to go out to my car to get something and I really just wanted to get in and go! Its soooooo nice out!! Figures I have class tonight :( This morning was hectic at work, so aside from being able to post about the tasting last night, I did not get pics of breakfast. I can tell you though that all it consisted of was one of my banana muffins (the last of the ones I didn't freeze), and a cinnamon sticky bun flavored coffee from my little favorite place in Andover.

Lunch was a little early again because we had a Lunch and Learn here at work...these exhilarating lunches are little presentations we each have to give to each other on a topic that we work on. I guess its good....just boring. This was at 11:45, and I had a wrap with:

1/2 low carb lavash wrap
whole grain mustard
1/2 slice provolone
3 slices of turkey pastrami
baby spinach leaves
3 grape tomatoes
cucumber slices
After the presentation I was still a little hungry so I had some TJ's plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, raspberries, slice almonds, and a drizzle of honey.

Of course dessert.....
Since then I've also had some cantaloupe, but no pic. Luckily the day is almost over and its off to the gym, WF's, and class (topic tonight is transportation).

I'm still running all the pro's and con's of both caterers! I gave myself a Friday deadline...i.e. TOMORROW!!


  1. Good luck with your decision - I'm sure either one will be great :)

  2. Enjoy the weather for me if you can - it's soooo miserable out here!! :0(

    Good luck with classes tonight, and with your tough decision!!

  3. That yogurt combo looks amazing! I'm not ready for summer to be over - I love all the fresh fruits!

  4. Ohh my word I cant wait till I get to go through a tasting (ps I am not even engaged yet haah) everything lokos great I am sure it is a tough decision!

  5. good luck with your decision!
    that wrap looks like HEAVEN!

  6. Oo, I added you to my blogroll :) Hope it's okay!

  7. good luck with your decision! it will be wonderful either way!

    little mini candies are the bane of my existence, come halloween. :)