Thursday, October 23, 2008


NOTE: Blogger was being super annoying early so I had to wait til I was home to post!! Anyways...on with the post:

Last night when I went over Brian's place, we decided to make dinner with whatever he had in the fridge, because I didn't have time to go out...needed to study. He had a random mix of veggies, so we got them out, then decided on the package of tortellini he had! As I got out the camera to document the cooking, I realized everything in our dinner was round!
Leeks and Parsnips sauteing in some garlic and olive oil
The summer squash and zucchini rounds waiting on deck

Round veggies in a round pan

Round-ish pasta!
Round dinner is served...
To sum up dinner, we had the garlic, leeks, and turnips in the pan for a few minutes before adding the zucchini and summer squash with a little salt and pepper. While the veggies were cooking, we cooked the tortellini's for about half the time then added them into the pan with the veggies. When it was all finished we topped it off with some fresh chopped parsley!

Would of been even better with some Parmesan cheese...but there was none to be found.
Luckily, the boy wanted some brownies enough to go out and buy the yogurt needed for them.

Mmmmm fudgey! I think the key to the No-pudge brownies is to cut 5min off the cooking time so they stay moist and fudgey!

I also like the regular version best...the raspberry was a little over powering, but still good.
Mmmm hot fudgey brownie!!
My coffee this morning was Fantastic!! I got the Maple Cinnamon French Toast flavor with milk and it smelled like warm syrupy buttery french toast in my cup!!

My breakfast was another delectable cereal quad-medley! Below is the cross section of my bowl so you can see all the varieties:

This medley was the same as the last; Autumn Wheat, Go Lean Crunch (honey almond flax), TJ's Frosted Wheat bites, and Annie's Honey Bunnies!

All topped with a banana and skim milk

Lunch was a mish-mosh of the past 2 days. I had about 1/4 of my mug worth left of Autumn Chowder, a half pita with sliced chicken and roasted red pepper hummus...
And another mixed garden salad with Annie's light honey mustard dressing.
This was clearly too much because I couldn't even finish my salad!
I had a juicy orange at some point today, and when I just came home I ate this:
Blogging about my coffee this morning has given me a serious craving for breakfast for dinner...French Toast! I think that may be in order tonight!
Also on the agenda this evening is my LAST study session and getting all my books and references packed in a LARGE SUITCASE (I kid you not), for my PE exam tomorrow :(
This is an 8-hour exam to get my Professional Engineering License, and while I'm going to be SO happy when it's over and I really do want to pass...its a weird feeling because I know I don't want and don't plan on staying in this field for much longer. However, no one at work knows that so on with the exam. Obviously this means no blogging for me tomorrow until I get home later in the evening. Going to need a solid amount of caffeine tomorrow morning :)


  1. Oo good luck on the exam. My mom took hers when she was pregnant with me and she said it was pretty draining. I'm sure you'll be fine :)

  2. Hehe, lovin' all the round eats!! :0)

    Good luck with your exam tomorrow!!!

  3. This post made me smile. I love that you noticed all the roundness. :)

  4. i've heard so much about these no pudge brownies but still haven't bought the mix... they look AMAZING though!!

    good luck on your exam! i hope you ACE it :)

  5. love the dinner - looks great!


    And I have a box of the regular No Pudgesters but have yet to make them! I'm so not a brownie person :-\

  7. Good luck on your test!

    No Pudge Brownies bring back such memories.

  8. yayy for the perk! I will def try that next time I am up there! I love your circular dinner- too cute!

  9. mmm.. those brownies look delish! Good luck on your exam!

  10. Hi Bridget,
    I just recently started reading your blog... I'm from Boston too :)

    Good luck on your exam! What are you changing your carreer to?

  11. Good Luck on your exam!!! You'll do great :) I know what you mean about wanting to switch careers/fields...makes it hard to stay motivated!

  12. oo i always see the brownie mix at the store but have never tried them. looks like yummy goodness i will definitely have to pick up a box for the next time i get in a baking mood.