Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It's so dreary outside right now...rainy, cloudy, cold...tomorrow there's even a chance of...SNOW! What is that all about, it's October!?! The weather has been so gorgeous lately though, so I can't complain too much. I mean last night I went out for ice cream!

Before the ice cream, though, came the gym and dinner. I was all ready for my 40min iTrain workout on the elliptical. That was until I got to the gym and realized I left my headphones at work!!! Grrrr. Thank goodness I had a magazine, or I would of gone crazy. I decided to do the stair mill instead. I usually choose the stair mill when I don't have much time (or want a faster workout in this case), because I do 25min on that thing and I'm dying!! It's the weirdest thing too because you don't feel like you're going fast enough to break a sweat but all of a sudden you're sweating ALOT and breathing hard!

I did the 25min, plus a little cool down, then did some arms in the mini weight room inside the women's locker room. I like to go in there when I'm not in the mood to be around so many people in the main gym.

I did:

bicep curls 2 sets of 15
lateral raises - 2 sets of 15
tricep kickbacks - 2 sets of 15
overhead press - 2 sets of 15

Then it was time to leave. I really wish I liked my gym better, but right now just cannot afford a better one...I'd rather spend the $$ on dance class.

I was in the mood for a refreshing, not so carby, dinner. So I prepped veggies for dinner and lunch for the next day. I grated 2 carrots, chopped up some yellow bell pepper, and cucumber.

I mixed this veggie medley with a small can of tuna, a few bagel chip "croutons" and Newman's Own light Caesar dressing!
This dressing is's really strong, a lot of garlic, Parmesan flavor! So you only need a little bit! This was my lovely salad BEFORE I shook it all up...looks much prettier pre-shake.I also had a couple slices of sharp cheddar cheese on the side!

This was filling yet felt healthy at the same time. I really love shredded carrots!!
As I said before, roomie (Jocy) and I went out to meet up with a couple of our good guy friends for some ice cream in Harvard Square. We went to Lizzy's!! I wasn't really hungry, but I wasn't about to pass up Lizzy's so I ordered a kiddie cone of Mint Chocolate chip frozen yogurt! (no pic sorry!) It was really delicious...esp the sugar cone...mmm.

I had one of my favorite breakfast combos this morning. TJ's Greek Yogurt, strawberries, bananas, a toasted Kashi Heart to Heart waffle, and real maple syrup drizzle!
Something about the hot waffle with the cool fruit and yogurt and sweet syrup make this such an amazing combination!!

Mid morning snack was a KIND Fruit and Nut bar. I love the macadamia apricot flavor, so I was sure I'd love this too...
Yup! It was so chock full of all different nuts!! This was great!

Lunch was a mish mosh of things.
#1 was leftover veggie mix from last night. I brought in a can of tuna as well, but decided to use that elsewhere
#2 was half of a pita ripped in pieces and roasted red pepper hummus!
#3 was where the tuna came in. I spread the other half of the pita with laughing cow garlic and herb cheese, and filled it with the tuna, then popped it into the toasted oven!That laughing cow cheese went really well with the tuna, no need for any dressing or mayo in the tuna with that stuff!
Not pictured is my dessert...half of a homemade apple dumpling from Sunday's dinner at moms! I'm feeling very satisfied right now, and have LOTS of work to do before I leave for DANCE!!


  1. Newman's Own is great :)

    And always have to have dessert!

  2. Yummy! Your dinner, and dessert, and lunch looks absolutely delicious :) I love the fresh colors!

    Sorry about the gym, unless I'm in a class I pretty much hate the environment of mine too. I hope you can get in as many dance classes as possible!

  3. I do the stairmill too and it completely whips me every time!
    Your eats look gorgy. :)

  4. Be happy to afford any type of gym becuase I have none :(

    I like your Tuna salad! very pretty before shot!

  5. Ahh, so sorry that you forgot your headphones, and aren't crazy about that gym :0( Bummer!!

    LOVE your breakfast - such a lovely presentation!! And wow, that apple dumpling sounds delish...


  6. Your breakfast waffles look so pretty!

    I am the same way on the elliptical. I need entertainment or I just will not do it!

  7. absolutely lovinnnnn' that waffle breakfast! its so pretty :D

  8. Heres to having time for dance again! I do love that newman's salad dressing! I hope you don't get snow!

  9. I hate when I forget my headphones too. At least you had a magazine to save you!

    Your dinner looks very tasty!

  10. Hi! I'm a newbie and I just discovered your blog and added it to my blogroll. I love your posts and I hope you don't mind :)
    Also, I totally had no idea you have (almost) the same title as I do, sorry!!


    i want to keep asking my gym if they'll be getting a couple because their other gym in north providence has one, but i feel like a tool to do so!

    and brrrrrrrrrrrr. that's all i have to say about that.

  12. That dressing looks so good - and as soon as you described it as "garlicky" I knew I needed to try some!

    I love that waffles,fruit, yogurt breakfast combo - the presentation is so pretty, I'm sure it tastes wonderful!

  13. ooo i have to try laughing cow in tuna...sounds good!