Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So so so busy!!

Quick post because I'm still at work and just want to finish what I need to get done so I can leave, but I haven't posted ALL day and I'm at Brian's tonight so no Internet :(

Last night I opted not to go to dance rehearsal because I really didn't get much sleep the night before and wouldn't of got home til probably 11. I'll catch up next week!

When I got home I decided to make some overnight oats for the today and tomorrow. I finally used my vanilla hemp milk I bought a while ago. This morning when I went to turn the stove back on, the hemp milk left a weird "layer" of sorts on stirred back in fine but it weirded me out. I prepped my two bowls:

I added my usual apricot preserves, walnuts, dried cherries, apricots, and raisins!
However, when I went to eat it, it just didn't taste right...I don't know what but it was definitely the hemp milk. I think it's too sweet (well the Vanilla flavor anyways). So I have to say not a fan, but maybe I'll back with it.

May have to find a new breakfast tomorrow because I don't think I can eat that again.

It did, however, hold me over all the way to lunch...
Leftover WF's buffalo chicken pizza, grapes, and a mixed salad!

My salad had:

Baby lettuce
Broccoli Slaw
Green pepper
red onion
Bagel Chips (as croutons)
grape tomatoes
Annie's light honey mustard vinaigrette!


As I said before...crazy busy at work today. I broke of a chunk of pumpkin bread after lunch, along with 2 TJ's mint melts! Around 4, I had a small apple and a little piece of my PB Cookie Larabar!! FINALLY! So good!!!!!!!! I think the added salt to the peanuts really makes it taste like the cookie!

Well I'm almost done here....last one left at the office right now :(

Til tomorrow morning!


  1. yummy toppings on those oats... too pretty to eat!

  2. have fun tonight :)

    I like the bagel chips as croutons idea!

  3. Ahhh, hang in there with work!!

    Good call not going to dance - it's best it let your body rest when it's not, well, rested, haha ;0)

    Loooove the oatmeal toppings!!

    Have a great evening, Bridgett!!

  4. hope the rest of work went well!
    yummy salad :D

  5. Ugh! That stinks that work has been so ridiculous! I hope it lightens up for you! Your lunch looks awesome!

  6. That's interesting about the falvored hemp milk. I'll keep it in mind if I decide to try some. What brand did you have?