Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dance The Night Away!

I'm sooooo excited to go back to dance class tonight!! I've missed it so much while having to take that review class....nothing like missing my favorite activity for my least favorite activity.
I have class from 6-7:30, then rehearsal for the rep show... "Not The Nutcracker" from 9-10:30...I suppose I'll study in between.

Breakfast was an amazing bowl of cereal. I think I may be as obsessed with cereal as some of you are with oatmeal. I mean I love oatmeal too...but cereal can just really hit the spot.

Today's bowl was a quad-medley!
- Kashi Autumn Wheat
- Kashi Go Lean Crunch - honey almond flax
- a little bit of TJ's Frosted Shredded Wheat Squares (I think that's what they are called)
- and topped of with Annie's Honey Bunnies!
- Sliced Banana and Skim Milk


I had a mid morning apple and then was hungry for lunch more around 12...which is early for me lately. I had a low carb pita with sliced chicken, sliced tomato, and Roast red pepper hummus!

My sides were more cut up veggies with more hummus, and some Pirates Booty!Pirates Booty may be like eating air...but its really yummy cheesy air :)

Then another delicious homemade cookie...which almost missed its photo op because I was so wrapped up in eating it.

Off to change and leave for Dance class...have a wonderful evening.


  1. I love dance - I used to do ballet and I miss it so much. Have fun!

  2. Those cookies (or that piece of cookie) looks insanely good!

  3. you're whole meal looks so good - ESPECIALLY the hummus and veggies - they are all such vibrant colors! Love it! :D

  4. COOKIE!! Mmm...

    Enjoy the dance class IMMENSELY for me!! :0)

  5. hope you have fun at dance!! reading about it makes me miss it even more!!!
    the veggies look divine!
    have a wonderful evening :D

  6. cookies are too good to be photographed anyways. They're camera shy

  7. Yayyyyyy! Enjoy dance! The cookie looks really yummy (I think the half eatten aspect actually makes it look yummier because you can see more of the ingredients)!!

  8. yum - pirates booty! I just saw a bag yesterday at the store and thought how I hadnt had it in forever! I should have bought it!