Monday, October 6, 2008

Finally Back!

Wow sorry about the lack of posts!! Saturday I was at the future-in law's place and realized I had no camera cord, so I figured I'd just wait. Then yesterday I decided to stay at Brian's last night and he has no Internet!! I know right!?!? Well I guess I understand, he lives by himself so he'd have to pay it all and he can just use it at work. That combined with me needed to cut down on the blogging at work...woops :\ = me slacking on the posts...well this is going to be a long one!

Let's rewind to Saturday morning...I decided to get up early (well early for a Sat) around 7:20 and go down to my favorite place in S. Boston for a run.

It's so nice here, and even better this morning with a lot less people around. For my pre-run snack I had a Kashi granola bar. Then after I stopped at another favorite coffee shops around there for a Snickerdoodle Iced coffee with milk (I asked for skim but it looked more like whole...oh well).

After I showered and packed I headed up to Brian's. I was HUNGRY! I didn't eat breakfast when I got back to my apt and was going to stop, but didn't. Lucky for me he went to WF's that morning, and told me he tried to think of "Bridget" foods hahha. He read my mind because I really wanted some fresh fruit!

He also got a couple Larabars for then or the hike the next day.

The rest of Saturday consisted of visiting his sister, some Outlet shopping, and dinner with his mom and step dad.

Sunday morning! We headed off early, and stopped at a great little bagel place in Center Harbour, NH. We shared a ham, egg, and cheese on a cracked wheat bagel...YUM! I also got a rainforest nut coffee.

After a slight detour on the way to the hiking spot, we stopped along this bridge where other people had stopped to take was so beautiful...esp the reflection in the lake. This is Chocorua Lake and Mt. Chocorua on the right side.

Finally arrived at the trail. We were originally going to hike Mt. Chocorua but then read that it was a "difficult" hike and decided to find something a little shorter. So we picked Mt Hedgehog, using the UNH trail loop. This was a new one for us...I like to always pick new ones when possible. 4.8 mile loop, with an elevation range of 1250'-2532'. We decided to take the long way up (2.8miles), and the 2.0 miles down. I like going up better because once we start descending I just want to be done!

There were a lot of leave on the ground in the first parts of the trail.
Our first scenic view finally! I set up the camera on a rock.

This area was gorgeous...we were so high up and this ledge just drops off...a little scary!

For Christmas last year mom got me hiking poles!! Kind of funny to get an outdoorsy gift from her mom and I fav activity together is shopping :)

I must say though, the poles are SO WORTH IT!! Makes it much easier on the knees.
And continuing upwards...
This was from the top, off in the distance is Mt. Washington (highest peak in the North East)...we climbed that 2 summers ago...oy...going down is so much worse.

Took us about 3.5hours round trip! It was a good hike and our legs and feet were tired. We stopped at a little restaurant in Conway, NH for a late lunch! I had the vegetable and lentil soup and half sandwich...tuna on rye! The soup came with corn bread and the sandwich with a really yummy barley and bean salad with veggies in it and a slightly sweet vinaigrette.

Later we went for something was pretty cool out. That's my cappuccino and in back is Brian's mug from his Chocolate caramel hot cocoa!

After a lot of driving, we ended up just picking up some WF's for dinner, and then ended the night with tea and biscotti! I had a little piece of each biscotti...almond biscotti dipped in chocolate and chocolate, cherry, almond biscotti...with decaf green tea.

Long tiring day!


  1. Long days, but FUN days you had, this weekend!! Fabulous!!

    Haha, I LOVE how Brian tried to think of "Bridget" foods :0) Hooray for fresh fruit and Larabars!!

    Happy Monday!!

  2. yayyy you're back!!! love the pictures - spectacular view! i climbed mt washington a few years ago - hiking is so fun. i love all the scenery! you and brian are soooo cute :)

  3. i am so jealous you got to go hiking!!! that sounds like a perfect day!!!

    and the fresh fruit looks amazing! The banana bread larabar is probably my favorite flavor!!!

    happy Monday!

  4. THose are some breath taking views! It looks like you had a great weekend! I wish I lived somewhere where I could hike mountains on the weekend if I wanted to. Take advantage of it on my behalf!

  5. gorgeous pictures!!! and poles are wonderful, I borrowed some on my trip to seattle but need to get me a pair of my own. and get hiking again :)

  6. oh i need to go hiking! the pics look so beautiful!

  7. Just wanted to say hi--I just found your blog yesterday and I love it! Glad you had a great weekend :) Everything looks gorgeous.

  8. what a great post! i love all of the pics- they're beautiful and it looks like you had a great time!!
    you and brian make such a good looking couple!!
    have a wonderful night!

  9. Beautiful mountain pictures! I would love to go hiking. I need to do that more.

  10. Ah! That looks like so much fun! I am jealous! You two are adorable! I bet the warm food after that long day was perfect!