Friday, October 3, 2008

TGIF and Balance

This is definitely a THANK GOD it's Friday kind of day. It's amazing how stress can just throw you off in all aspects of your life. Do you ever have those times where multiple little stresses turn into one giant stress and all of a sudden its like crying for no reason!!? So annoying. This also leads to lack of blogging...sad. Anyways not trying to be a debbie downer! Last night after class I fell into another "why am I taking this exam I dont even like my job" type of mood, combined with the caterer decision, and for some reason this made planning the weekend seem unbearable! I hate that! It's all trivial items but put together and its like melt down...sometimes, doesn't help on an "emotional" day haha.

Luckily it goes away fast and I'm much chipper this morning :) Although I was not feeling my homemade coffee, so I stopped at Starbucks for a non-fat cappuccino with 1 pump pumpkin! Also my breakfast was lacking, but it was still good. I just felt like PB I had 1 slice sprouted wheat bread with half PB and half AB!

The PB is on the left, AB on the right! Would of been way better with banana on it or jelly but alas I had none. It's been a busy work week, and work morning. So its been interfering with my "plating" of food haha. I'm usually grabbing a snack to quickly that I don't even think to photo it til its too late!!

1st of my issues solved is CATERING!

We (or I should say "I") picked a caterer, and we are going to go with the first one we met with, not the one from Wed night. One of the big issues was finding out the woman from wed night would not be able to be there herself on my wedding day. I know she has the utmost confidence in her staff, but it rubbed me the wrong way, esp because she had our date written down wrong (hence the mix up). Even my roommate could tell without even meeting either of them because she said I was way more excited when I came home from the other tasting.

So that's a huge relief, and I haven't officially booked yet (called and left a message with the woman), but thank god that's done!

Lunch was pretty much the same as yesterday...sometimes I'll bring the stuff to make my wraps to work and just have it for a couple days...easier than making up a wrap each morning.

Still delish! On the side I had a few TJ's Everything Bagel chips that my roommate bought the other day...YUM!

My balanced diet hasn't been going so well today...other than the veggies in the wrap I haven't any other veg or fruit all day!!! So unlike me...esp the fruit part. I plan to have a nectarine later and I have an apple packed too. My mini-meltdown really threw me off! I hate that, normally I'm not a stressed person, I can take things as they come but once in a while it just hits me the wrong way....oh well.

So the weekend plans were to possibly go hiking/camping up in the white Mt's in NH! Brian and I usually go 1 weekend in Sept, but this year we were both really busy so it hasn't happened yet. It's also peak foliage time up there! My stress from this last night was thinking that I was going to have to pack up for the weekend when I got home at 9:30 last night...sometimes I feel like I live out of a bag. So I decided that I would just go home today after work, and then either go back up to Brian's later tonight or tomorrow. Also I think we are going to stay at his mom's sat night instead of camp (its getting REALLY cold at night), she lives about an hour or so away from the White Mt area so not far to get up early Sunday!

Wow sorry for the wordy post!! I'll take more pics for later :)


  1. It's definitely easier to bring stuff and leave it at work to make lunches, I do it too :)

    Congrats on making the decision and have a great weekend!

  2. I totally know what you mean about stress cries, happens to the best of us :/, just try to take one thing at a time and don't forget to stop, breath, and enjoy yourself along the way. You can do it! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend Bridget :)

  3. "Do you ever have those times where multiple little stresses turn into one giant stress and all of a sudden its like crying for no reason!!?"

    Ooooh yes, my friend, I do - it's tough, but important to remember that you WILL get through it all!! PLEEEASE stay strong, Bridget!!!

    Enjoy your Friday and weekend, you deserve it!! :0)

  4. Good luck with the stress. I always tell mark that bride's are stressed for a reason and he always makes fun of me.

    I love pb and ab together!

  5. I definitely know what you mean about things building up and then just feeling like I could burst into tears at any second.

    Don't forget to RELAX!!! Have a good weekend :)