Friday, October 3, 2008

No Cooking Tonight!

Long day at work, and I was just NOT in the mood to make anything for myself for fact I was really craving a drink and dinner haha...I hardly ever drink. The roomie and I decided to go to our FAV tex-mex restaurant in Harvard Sq. Well apparently so did the rest of the City because there was over an hour wait!!! No thanks! I mean their fajitas are incredible, but my time (and stomach) were more important.

So after driving around, very hungry I might add, we just ended up back near our apt and tried a new Thai restaurant that just opened. My craving for a drink came and went, probably better that way anyways.

The food was delicious! There are two Thai dishes I love so much I have a hard time ordering something we got the two and a different third.

For starters...a classic...Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce

Yummmmm...always a winner, but the peanut sauce had a little too much curry in it for my taste (curry is one of the very few things I CAN'T STAND!) even a little is too much for me. The cucumber sauce was awesome though. We each had two sticks of chicken :)

Next, for one of our main dishes we split...Pad Thai! I mean you just can't go wrong with Pad Thai...I can't imagine going out for Thai food and not having some! It did not disappoint either...SO flavorful!!

Along with the Pad Thai was a chicken and garlic stir fry with veggies...YUM! The veggies were still a little crisp which is so important...nothing worse than super cooked veggies. The sauce was great too. This was served with a little brown rice.

This was my plate...a little stir fry (left) with brown rice, and a small serving of Pad Thai.

Who am I kidding I dipped back in for seconds...just a little more though :)

Dinner was great, then we came home and caught up on some DVR'd TV...a little Lipstick Jungle and Greek anyone??

Tomorrow I am going up to NH with Brian to visit his fam, then we are getting up really early Sunday and going a little further north to the White Mtn's for some hiking and foliage. I'd like to get up early tomorrow for a workout...hopefully I follow thru with that!



  1. the thai food looks amazing! i've actually never tried pad thai... but the chicken satay is one of my favorites (well was, before i stopped eating meat).
    hope you have a happy saturday!

  2. Hooray for a lovely dinner out - you deserve a night off from cooking!! :0)

    Have fun in NH!!!

  3. For some reason my comments weren't going through, but it looks like its working now.

    I hope you had a great weekend away and I can't wait to read all about it.