Sunday, October 26, 2008

Supermodel for a Day

Today was so much fun!! After getting myself "camera ready" this morning, we headed out the door and I just had time to heat up my last banana hazelnut muffin for a little breakfast.
Our engagement session was at Castle Island in South Boston. It's an old fort from the Spanish-American war, that's right on the water. There's a harbor walk that goes out into the harbor and loops back around. I come here frequently to run because it's so beautiful and a nice 2 mile loop.
Unfortunately it will be about 2 weeks before I'll have any pictures to show you guys...I didn't bring my camera with me because I didn't want to have anything to carry around. My photographer was shooting 3 more sessions later in Boston Public Gardens and she invited us to come down there a couple hours later if we wanted to do a few more shots...YES!! I was originally debating on locations, but now I got both :)
In between shoots, we went to a little cafe on Charles Street (this is like the epitome of the Beacon Hill area...very old Boston) was called cafe Bella Vita, and they have delicious homemade soups...
I ordered a cup of Chili which came with soft fresh french bread, and an insalata was a great simple mixed green salad.
Later on it actually started getting warm out, so we got some frozen goodies... I ordered a small non-fat frozen yogurt, half chocolate half PUMPKIN! YUM!!
Brian ordered the Cherry Ortiz (which is like Cherry Garcia, originally named Cherry Garciaparra here, and now Cherry Ortiz, obviously)
Later on, Brian and I went to my mom's for dinner! Whole Foods had whole chickens on sale, so she made a whole Chicken Dinner! We even broke out the bottle of wine we brought her back from Oregon...when we tried it at the winery we thought it was going to be too sweet, but we surprisingly loved it! Unfortunately you're not going to find this at any store.

Below is the chicken, post carving...I didn't get the camera out in time.
Mashed Potatoes...
Homemade recipe...this is may favorite part of any chicken or turkey dinner :)
My plate! A little bit of everything...including green beans and squash!For dessert, mom made homemade apple dumplings! I only had a little half of one because I was full...the crust is sooo delicious. They were a little too sweet for me, I think I've acclimated my taste buds to enjoy less sugary desserts.
All in all, a great day and great weekend! However, the exercise portion of my life has taken the backseat for the past 4 or 5 days, so I need to jump back in full swing tomorrow.
the plan so far:
Monday - solid post work gym trip
Tuesday - DANCE!
Wednesday - no workout because I'm going to the So You Think You Can Dance tour!!!! :D

I would also like to throw out a very special Thank You to Amy at Coffee Talk! She gave me a very thoughtful Buddha award! It's so amazing to be thought of like that by a fellow blogger; it really capped of a great weekend...Thanks Amy!!!
How was everyone else's weekend??


  1. Pumpkin Yogurt? Yum!! So jalous I can't find that around here.

    Glad your photo shoot went well. I can't wait to see the results.

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  3. Mmm, your mom sound like quite the chef! Can't wait to see the pictures and congrats on the blog award!

    As for me, my weekend has it's ups and downs but definitely ended on a high note which is the important thing :)

  4. photoshoot sounds fun! and that stuffing looks amazing. Apple dumplings...yum!

  5. Photoshoot sounds cool :)

    Froyo is great. YUM.

  6. What a fabulous day! I can't wait to see the shots! Both are great locations. I want froyo! Your mom made 1 incredible dinner!!

  7. So much fun, deliciousness, and great company :0)

    Hooray for the blogging award!!

  8. Isn't that so fun? You really do feel like a model - especially when you have a great photographer!

    That ice cream looks AMAZING!

  9. The frozen yogurt looks divine!

  10. i need to get that pumpkin yogurt :) i almost stopped the other day, but wasn't hungry in the least so i passed... shoot, this weekend's wonderful weather certainly fit the bill!