Monday, October 20, 2008

Cold Monday vs. Awesome Food-day!

Yes, it was about 34 degrees outside this morning, and I'm guessing no more than 62 in the apt since we refuse to touch the heater yet...but that's ok because it's been a great day for Bridget's taste buds and now its Sunny and warm not freezing (around 50...maybe) not such a bad Monday.

The first party in my mouth this morning involved the brand new coffee I picked up at Trader Joe's yesterday, which combined this:

With this!!

Yummm!!! TJ's Gingerbread Coffee! Looks like a new product maybe? I loved all the spices in the coffee...cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger! Maybe it wasn't the top coffee ever but lately my homemade coffee do I put this nicely...sucked! So this was a very welcome change.

For breakfast I finally wanted to bust into my giant container of TJ's European Yogurt I bought last week when they were out of Greek. I added some thawed frozen berries, honey, and topped with a mix of Go Lean Crunch and Annie's Honey Bunnies!

I definitely prefer the plain Greek yogurt over this, it was just a little too tangy and not as thick. I think it would be better in baking or smoothies...I'll find a use for it.

Due to a meeting I didn't get to eat breakfast til almost 10!! So I wasn't hungry again until about 2...when I got to delve into my leftover Scampi!! It was just as amazing today. To get my veggies, I cut up some fresh zucchini and summer squash this morning and "steamed" it in the microwave here at work, then added it to the scampi and heated that all together...YUM!!!

So glad I was able to re-do my order last night!

For dessert I had a homemade cookie from the roomie...they are Oatmeal Chocolate Chip from the cookbook Clean Foods by Terry Walters. They have oats, walnuts, coconut, choc chips, cinnamon, and are sweetened with maple syrup...yum!!
Still pretty busy at work, and more studying tonight...have a great Monday!


  1. Same weather here - brrr!!

    Awesome food day, indeed!! Yum!!

    Good luck studying!!

  2. Awesome eats! I hate being cold, but I bet that coffee is great for warming up :)

  3. That reminds me - I need to do a TJ's run :) Gingerbread coffee - YUM!!!

    I can't believe that meal is "leftovers" - it looks so good - I'm not starving at work! :P

  4. mmmmmmm that coffee sounds amazing - i need to switch it up and get a fun blend like that :)

  5. Oooh I am really digging those cookies!

    I do not know how to make coffee. But, my dad always adds cinnamon to the grinds before grinding and it's the best!

  6. those cookies looks aweomse!!!

  7. mmmm i bet that coffee was awesome! I <3 coffee...I think I could drink it all day :)