Friday, October 24, 2008


First of Thank You for all the Good Luck comments!!

I can't even think straight enough to type a good post! Well it was a looooong and draining day. We took our seats at 7:40 AM, then with instructions, morning session, lunch, and afternoon session we finished at around 5:45. Then I lugged my 150lb suitcase full of books back to my car...I'm not kidding, that thing easily weighed over 100 lbs!!

I finally got back here and had a raging headache...I opted for no coffee this morning and luckily that went well until the end of the day. I did enjoy a nice lunch from the campus center (the test was at UMass Boston)...I really wasn't looking forward to my PB&J I packed since I had PB and Banana for breakfast!

I got a turkey sandwich on Rye, with honey mustard, and lots of veggies!

Once dinner time came around I was just not capable of making decisions, plus at 7pm on a Friday, going out to dinner was not going to happen...but luckily the roomie and I got the most amazing pizza in Boston...Upper Crust! We kept it simple with peppers and onions...

Then split a small Greek salad
This was definitely what I needed after that day. We ate pizza and watched DVR'd shows...I have so much TV and magazines to catch up on now :)
I think it's bed time...I left the apartment when it was still dark this morning...I hate when that happens.


  1. I hope you have an awesome, relaxing weekend with NO STUDYING :)

  2. Yayyy you're done! Happy weekend! Relax :D

  3. Get some good sleep tonight! What a long freaking day!

  4. Definitely relax this weekend! Your pizza looks really good. :)

  5. mmmmmmm that sandwich looks so fresh so does the salad :)

    yikes - 150 lbs worth of books?? i think you deserve to relax after all of that :)