Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Salad = the Bomb!

Yeah I said it...The (or Da) BOMB! My salad today definitely required this throw back to middle school slang (at least where I grew up). It's actually funny thinking of the terms we used back when I was a young teen.

Even better would be: "I was mad cheesed to eat my salad today and it was the bomb!" Hahaha.
Although the teenage version of myself probably wouldn't be saying that about a salad...but that's a whole different issue :)

I love when I know I have something really yummy packed for lunch, and today's salad was just that. But before I get to lunch, lets start with breakfast! I made some oatmeal at work, by adding the oats with 1/2cup vanilla soy, and 1/4cup water into my bowl and letting it sit during my commute.

When I decided to eat breakfast this morning I added 1/2 of a banana chopped, and microwaved it for 3min (stopping a few times to stir because the milk was going to bubble out of the bowl!). To this I added a little almond butter, some raisins and dried cherries and a sprinkling of Kashi Go Lean crunch.

It was pretty good...for some reason the vanilla soy made it a little too sweet for me...or I should say a little too vanilla-y. I think I would of preferred regular milk and sweetened it myself with syrup or brown sugar. However, I definitely prefer my steel cut oats to this, so I think I'll make a batch tonight!

Now...THE SALAD! My roommate was eating a similar one last night and it just looked so good. She had grilled up some chicken this weekend to use during the week too!

My salad had:

- Mixed baby lettuce
- cucumber
- red onion
- red and green bell pepper
- baby carrots
- frozen corn
- frozen edamame (both corn and edamame thawed by lunch)
- herb goat cheese
- marinated grilled chicken
- crumbled bagel chip pieces (added right before I ate)
- Vidalia onion honey mustard dressing

Salad all packed this morning (minus bagel chips and dressing):

All shook up before eating!
Soooooo good!!

For dessert I had a TJ's dark chocolate mint was like a big junior mint! Mmmm

I'm super busy at work today! Catch ya lata!


  1. Wow that salad does sound amazing. I have a TON of frozen corn in my fridge and I never thought to throw it in a salad. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I LOVE awesome salads - they're so satisfying :)

  3. that salad IS the bomb! hahaha
    that tj's mint looks great too!

  4. That salad looks so tasty! Definitely better than the one I had for lunch today. I think I may just copy you for tomorrow's lunch!

    New reader to your blog, found it through someone else's blogroll! Definite bookmark!

  5. YUM! I love good salads. They're so satisfying and leave me feeling light and healthy. I might try cranberries in your salad combo.. I've been having that craving!

  6. Hehe, well at least the salad was worthy of being called "da bomb" ;0) Sounds great!!

  7. I love your breakfast combo. And your salad is the bomb. I still say that by the way.

  8. does adding the frozen veggies and letting them melt by lunch make the salad watery? that's always my concern about using that method

  9. greendogwine - It didn't make my salad watery at all. I think maybe if they veggies were a little old and had a lot of frost on them then maybe it might get watery, but if they are in good condition then they shouldn't. Or if you were worried you could put the frozen ones in a baggie or somethign then add them at lunchtime after they have thawed.