Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday + Long Weekend = YAY!!!

It's Friday, it's gorgeous out, AND no work Monday (Thanks Chris Columbus!).

Last night there was no review class :) So since it was SO nice out yesterday I went down to my fav spot for a run. It was beautiful. After I made my loop, I decided I wanted to walk a little more, so I walked along the little beach there. I noticed this older man in the water (mind you its getting dark out, and not really warm enough to warrant least he had a wet suit on)...I was kind of confused and then he looked like he hopped a few steps then took off to swim a lap. That's when I noticed his crutches firmly planted in the sand where he was. Later I saw him getting out and he was missing a leg!! I thought it was great that he was still getting his exercise even living with just 1 leg, but it also made me sad that he was out here alone, in the almost dark. Sometimes I get really really terrified of getting old...I can't stand thinking about it....anyone else??

Well when I got back I was hungry and wanted food NOW! I hate that...I tend to not cook most weekdays unless its planned...always something going on or I'm too hungry to wait. So I had some veggies and pitas with hummus, and made a mini pizza out of another pita (they are low carb and only 60cals each!!).

My little pizza had:

-Trader Joe's tomato basil sauce

-red onion

-grilled chicken

-garlic and herb cherve

-a little mozzarella

-a few shakes of hot sauce

And into the toaster oven it went!

Afterwards I was craving a sweet... I had a mini cup of light Vanilla ice cream with a few choc. chips and a half of a graham cracker crumbled on top!

This morning TWO different people brought in donuts!! WHY!?! Luckily I had a much yummier breakfast to consume...TJ's nonfat blueberry Greek yogurt and 1 slice of double protein bread with PB, Raspberry fruit spread, and a little sliced banana!

Between the yogurt and PB toast...this was filling almost til lunch time. I had an orange a half hour before lunch, then dove into my lunch bag...apparently I didn't feel like being creative since dinner last night...

Veggies, hummus, pita triangles, and a few pieces of 2% Cheddar cheese.

For some salty crunch...TJ's sour cream and onion rice crisps!
Then I caved....cut myself about 1/5 of a choc. frosted donut :(
So good though.

Still super busy here, so that should make the afternoon fly by! Then off to get all gussied up for the Ballet! It's going to be a gorgeous weekend. Actually it's homecoming at UNH which I usually ALWAYS go to, but everyone kind of slacked on it this year...LAME! So roomie and I didn't feel like tailgating all by ourselves haha. Bummer, it's usually so fun...but mostly because everyone we know comes.

So this weekend I'll see my mom and puppy, then apple picking Round #2 with Brian's family.

Anyone else have fun weekend plans?


  1. Your pizza looks so good, again! I want to try to make a bbq chicken pizza - that would be awesome.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. That is a really touching story about the man swimming. Yes, I fear getting old, but I try not to think about it too much.

    1/5 of a donut is nothing, but I know - why must people bring that crap to places?


    P.S. Have fun at the ballet

  3. Lovin' the pizza and the PB Toast!!


  4. Your pizza just gave me an idea for dinner tonight! Thank you, I've been totally uninspired today.

    Have fun tonight!

  5. Have so much fun picking apples again! I wish I had Monday off!

  6. Ugh I hate store-bought pitas... They sadly tste like Cardboard n make me sad bc ppl think Weight Watchers n Thomas's Sahara pita bread are GOOD. WWWAAAHHH???!!

    Is this pita ACTUALLY YUMMY, Bridge? And if so, WHO MAKES IT?! I'm so in a pita funk right now :( I hate the dry/flavorless crud... Moist, dough, pillowy, and chewy = PITA <333