Monday, October 27, 2008

And so begins the season of eating...

It's not even November yet and I have left over turkey (well actually chicken) dinner for lunch today! Don't get me wrong, this combination of food and flavors is one of my all time favorites, but it usually ends up being pretty high on the calorie scale and heavy sitting in your stomach. For the past 3 years I've had 3 Thanksgivings: I host my own for my friends on the Sunday before Thanksgiving (a tradition started in Junior year at college!), then there's the real day of, then Brian's mom has one the Saturday after. It's always delicious, but between those meals and LEFTOVERS!! I, myself, become a stuffed turkey!

Although, for now it's just starting and last nights dinner was I'll just enjoy it. I do think this year I am going to try and branch out a little from the classic sides for my dinner...well except the stuffing...I've got my friends obsessed with my family's stuffing too!

Because I knew I had a fairly high carb lunch packed, I wanted a less carby breakfast, and since I bought some strawberries yesterday I had:
TJ's Greek yogurt, half of a banana, strawberries, granola with some added sliced almonds, and a honey drizzle! This was fantastic!

My mid morning snack was a beautiful fruit cup I bought at WF's yesterday. I wish I could have these everyday but at around $4 a pop...that would make me broke.

Then my yummy leftovers...chicken, stuffing, green beans, squash and a little mashed potatoes...SO GOOD!

There was a big soft chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen so I broke off a little piece for dessert.I have such a weakness for soft cookies.

I am planning a nice sweaty workout this evening, probably my 40min iTrain workout on the elliptical...that always makes me sweat! It really helps me to have someone in my ear telling me to up the resistance and double my pace :)

Also, I NEED A HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEA!!!! This was the last thing on my mind before my exam, and now I have 4 days...eeeek! I'd rather not spend $50 on a pre-packaged costume either...any one have any creative ideas?? PLEASE??!?!


  1. I love Thanksgiving food :)

    Costume idea - when I was in college I liked to be a cute farmer - cowboy boots, a hat, and a plaid shirt with a cutoff jean skirt. It was simple and I was actually warm, unlike a lot of other people who dressed up more skimpily than me :)

  2. i too have a weakness for soft cookies - especially chocolate chip ones! thanksgiving is a great holiday food wise for sure ;)

  3. Mmmmm....I love turkey stuffing! And since I only have it once a year, I don't mind indulging in (a lot of) it. :-)

    One of my friends went as Amy Winehouse this weekend - if you can do a beehive on your head, that might be fun. I went as Little Red Riding Hood last year...the capes are pretty cheap (or I guess you could use a red sheet) and I just got a cute basket and wore a little dress underneath. Plus a basket can double as a purse for the night. :-)

  4. Hooray for tasty leftovers and soft cookies!! :0)

    Costumes = a dancer?? Haha, lame, I know ;0)

  5. I used to host a Tahnksgiving Dinner for my friends the Sunday before thanksgiving back in college. I really miss that!

    Try dressing like a celebrity, those costumes tend to be inexpensive. I'm going ot be a hula girl and since I was able to collect all of the elements from friends and family I was able to piece the costume together for free. :)

  6. I feel like "eating season" has begun a little early this year for me too!

    I don't have a Halloween costume idea either- I would like to come up with something I can pull together from things I already own/without spending much money, but I haven't come up with anything yet!!

  7. mmmm fresh fruit looks fab as does the leftover chicken din din! Josh and I were a double dare team a couple years ago- helmets, elbow and knee bads, red (or blue shirts), 80's sweat pants (from target). Tape a cup with a line on it to your helmet!

  8. Your breakfast looks so good! I have strawberries and bananas - this just may have to be my breakfast tomorrow :)

    Question: what's iTrain? Sounds cool!

  9. i too, have a weakness for soft cookies :)

    hmm, my last costume was as a 6-pack of lager (with 5 other girls)... printed off the logo and pinned that to our shirt, made a warning label for the neck, and covered a pie plate in gold wrapping to make a bottle cap hat!

  10. Thanks! I am super excited about BSI! Hope you're having a good one ;)

  11. Mmmm... I love all of your food! The lunch just looks perfect for this cool weather!

    Good luck with the costume. I'm finding that most of the store-bought ones are too skimpy and expensive!

  12. Oh you are so right, eating season has begun.

    I heart cookies, too!

    I don't know what to be myself, so I have no costume ideas.