Saturday, October 11, 2008

What to do??

I have given myself a dilemma...which I will get to in a moment...but first, my day :)

Went to my moms place to visit, and my grandmother was there because my mom had taken her to a yard sale this grandmother LIVES for yard/estate/garage/moving she has gotten probably 90% of her possessions (and gifts for the rest of us) from them. I will say though...she knows how to shop at them, she does NOT buy crap. She once got me a really nice cashmere coat for $2. Well the woman that lived next to my mom had to go into assisted living so her family was having a moving mom and grandmother actually picked out some really cute things (some for me too). I don't have pics of it all but a couple...

A nice big wooden salad bowl...
And inside are 9 glass dessert cute!!

Can't wait to have a dinner party!

After dropping off my grandmother, mom and I went to Legal Seafoods for lunch. This is the one place where I will order the same thing as someone else...the Rainbow Trout! It's so good, just grilled with a little vinaigrette! I have a hard time venturing from this. I got it with steamed broccoli and snap peas (not shown, they forgot them at first)
Before my meal I had a cappuccino...I needed some caffeine, hadn't had any all day and was starting to get a headache :\

We then did a little shopping...mall and groceries! We picked up some quick dinner from WF's. We split a few things...salad bar, buffalo chicken pizza, and I bought a container of the Poblano Corn chowder so she could try some.
Salad! Mostly regular salad veggies with a little noodles and a couple bits of chicken salad. I had a small strip of the pizza with some blue cheese dressing to was pretty spicy!!

The chowder which I only ended up having a few bites...too full from everything else! Mom saved it for another day.

And Willow...begging for some food...but really how can I resist that face!! (yes I know it's bad to feed from the table, but we just do it anyways...oh well)
Ok my dilemma! So...the plan was to go apple picking with Brian's family tomorrow (big group...aunts, cousins, etc). Brian knew I wanted to see my mom today so I figured we'd go up tomorrow morning (everyone's meeting at 10 at Brian's parent's place). Well apparently we didn't communicate very well and he went up there this morning!! I'm not really like mad at him, I know we didn't talk out the plans much...but on the other hand I don't understand why he figured I'd want to drive up (2 hours from my apt), by myself to then take separate cars home Monday?! Sometimes he's a little clueless but what are you gonna do. Well what am I going to do?? Now a big part of me just wants to just not go at all, stay home, have the apt to myself all day, get crap done, and study! I was originally going to try to leave early Monday from his moms to get some studying done but I know it wouldn't give me that much time. I also would feel bad bailing too, but I think they'd understand...I mean I do REALLY need to crack down on the studying, the exam was 2 weeks away yesterday! Then after just reading like 5 blogs about how people had great productive days at home getting stuff done really makes me want to not go even more....

What would you do!?????

P.S. FINALLY saw the PB cookie Larabars at TJ's...can't wait to break into it!


  1. Gorgeous dessert plates!!

    Hooray for a WF dinner!!

    Hmm, that IS a dilemma - I say, follow your gut (I know, I know, that's totally cliché - but trust me, it work!!). If you really need to study/get work done now, then go with that.


  2. Your grandmother sounds so cute :D

    About the dilemma... I would probably stay home, but the boy would probably get mad. So I don't know. Sorry that's not really very good advice at all! Good luck with the decision.

  3. totally love that salad bowl and willow is just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    good luck w/ the dilemna... my instinct would be to stay home but most likely it would cause a fight (that would cut into your studying time even more) so i would go w/ the boy! I've lived and learned this situation :) good luck!

  4. Your grandma sounds like my mom and my grandma with the rummages... They were/are always off to find "treasures".

    As for your dilemma, hmmm I would probably just stay home and study, especially if it needs to get done. His family will understand... Good luck.

  5. That is such an awesome gift- your grandma rocks! I hope you got everything figured out with the dilemma! Oh men...they never do the right thing ;)