Thursday, October 9, 2008

Money money money

And the lack there of. Why is it that lots of expenses come up when the money is just not there haha. Like last night, I was HOPING Brian would have something for dinner...but of course I opened the fridge to find a single-guy-living-by-himself fridge haha...i.e. NOT MUCH! He had taken out a package of chicken legs from the freezer...but that was about it. I'm not a huge fan of dark meat, esp when there's nothing to go with it....SO...we went out.

I wanted to try something different and ended up driving almost 30min to a different town to check it out. The place I wanted to go wasn't open for dinner, so we tried the place next door. Cafe Zabaglione in Ipswich. It was a little Italian place, eat-in or take out. We ate in. I was liking the soup list, they had like 6 or 7 kinds and I was really in the mood for soup! I had the Tomato Bisque

It was SO GOOD!!! Flavorful, a little creamy, fresh basil...YUM!
I also had the antipasto which consisted of some romaine, tomato, red onion, fresh mozzarella, peppercinis, olives, salami, and Italian tune (???? ....I asked, and its just tuna in olive oil instead of mayo, but it didn't even taste like much oil on it). The whole thing had some olive oil and herbs on top.
This was a great fresh tasting salad with lots of protein from the tuna and salami...couldn't finish all the tuna though.

They had lots of delicious looking desserts in their case and we got a few biscotti's to take home to have with tea! I had decaf green tea and 3 little chunks of biscotti...Almond, Choc. dipped, and cranberry orange walnut!

This morning I opted for a non-fat Misto!
Then had my oatmeal that i prepared yesterday for breakfast....still so good the next day! I just LOVE the texture of the steel cut oats. Right now I use McCann's, that come in the tin.Mid morning snack was a pear with a little AB

Lunch time! My mom had given me a frozen container of this turkey chili she made. It was really good, lots of veggies and I topped it with a little light sour cream.
With my mini side salad I brought yesterday. I added some shredded cheese (originally for the chili) and the Vidalia Onion/Honey Mustard dressing. It was a nice sweet side to the spices in the chili.
I ended with 2 TJ's Mint Melts...yumm!

A couple people asked about currants... I suppose I should of specified that I use dried currants, and specifically dried Zante currants that I get at WH's. They are like mini baby raisins! I once bought some at Trader Joe's, but I think I bought Black Currants which I didn't know there were different kinds, but the black ones were kind of sour like a dried cherry or cranberry, and i didn't like them in my oats. The Zante ones are sweet like raisins.
Can't wait for tomorrow night! I just got the roomie and I tickets to Boston Ballet's "Night of the Stars"! We always go to the Nutcracker every year (this year will be no different), and I always say how we need to get to more Ballet's but just never get around to it...but this is a special one this year and they were offering 50% tickets right now! Couldn't pass it up (although this relates back to the money issue...woops). LOVE going to the ballet....and getting dressed up to do so ;)


  1. I LOVE watching ballet :) I used to be a dancer. Have fun!

  2. I know waht you mean, my ex boyfriend never had food in his fridge. He did always have frozen hamburger meat for Hamburger Helper.. yuck!

    That antipast platter looks amazing, I've never ordered one before, but I'm thinking I should. Yum

  3. Thanks for the follow up on the currants.

    Oh and I don't like fish, but when I was little I didn't know any better and ate my grandma's tuna, which was Italian style - a little bit of olive oil, black olives and she put little cute up dill pickles. I might actually still eat that (sans olives).

  4. Bisque + biscotti + pear & almond-butter + steel-cut oats = YUM!!!

    You KNOW that I'm envious about your ballet tickets - have extra fun for me please, my fellow dance enthusiast!!! :0)

  5. My boyfriend never has food at his house, him and roommate always eat Subway. Needless to say, we don't spend much time at his house.

    Have fun at the ballet! Lucky girl!

  6. I just saw the ellie bars you had the other day.. they look good but I would sub another fruit! Also almond butter with mango oats is the best combo with some shredded coconut.. try it!