Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Haha that title brought me back to the college days...I miss college sooo much, it was the greatest!!!

Today, though, it was a different kind of thirsty! When I went for my coffee this morning it wasn't too cold out and I was pretty thirsty so I opted for iced instead of hot:

My medium iced cinnamon sticky bun coffee with milk! I Love flavored coffees because I don't need to sweeten them at all (and these are the flavored beans not flavor no sugar)

I finally left work around 7 last night... fun 11 hour day :( At least I was so busy it went by fast.
I was looking forward to dinner because someone went grocery shopping!

I feel I have to redeem the fiance from the last time I posted about him having the "guy fridge" (i.e. no food). His thing is that he does less frequent Big grocery shopping trips (where as I seem to do many small frequent ones!) even though I can't comprehend how he has such little food around at times, when he does shop he does like to get some good healthy stuff! (I like to think that's because of me...I make him try everything and he usually likes it!) If you'll notice in the picture of the cabinet...two boxes of no-pudge brownies! Hahaha, that's totally from me buying and making them at his place once!

I also knew he made some homemade crock pot soup the other night and I was looking forward to it! It's Scotch Broth...not sure where that name is from but its pretty much a beef and barley type soup with carrots, celery, turnips, and peas...oh and lots of thyme! I love thyme!!

Also on my bowl is a Rold Gold Parmesan Garlic Pretzel Wave! Yum!!

Along with my soup, a half piece of rye/pumpernickel swirl bread and light canola oil butter
Later on we had, whats becoming our usual dessert/late night snack.... tea and biscotti!

The tea I've been liking for night time is Celestial Seasonings Tension's very calming. Our biscotti of the night was some I brought over... Trader Joes mini almond biscotti! These are soooo good and almondy! They also are not as jaw-breakingly hard as some biscotti. I'm liking our new dessert habit :)

I knew I wouldn't want the other bowl of Hemp milk I took some cereal from Brian's. He recently bought Kashi H2H Oat Flakes & Wild Blueberry Clusters, and I threw in a few shredded oat squares too...mmm. Stopped at the store for some milk and banana and voila!

This cereal was SO GOOD!! Perhaps a little sweeter than most I buy, but I'd definitely mix it with another less sweet cereal. I LOVED how crunchy the flakes are!!! You should sooo try this stuff!!


  1. Your blog post title made me LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. :-D Glad that you had a GOOD thirst!!

    Your cereal cabinet reminds me of the one that Jerry had on Seinfeld - I hope you know what I'm talking about, haha ;0)

    Happy Thursday!!!

  2. hahah thirsty thursdays! ahhh, i feel old :/
    the cereal looks delicious! it's gotta be one of the best meals. ever.
    have a wonderful day!

  3. That soup/stew looks delicious! yay for a guy that can cook!

  4. The soup creation looks excellent. I really want that iced coffee - looks v. milky!

  5. That soup looks amazing! And that pretzel wave - too fun! I need to find those things!