Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hot Caramel and Eye Cream

Last night I went over to my friends condo for a girls night/one of those beauty product parties...she recently started using this stuff called Arbonne, and she's been loving what it does for her skin. I was excited to just hang out and see her, and was just ambivalent about the products but why not. My favorite part of the evening, obviously, was the food ;)

I ended up just making a little veggie platter with pitas, hummus, and spinach dip! Then made it look all cute on a tray (IKEA like $7), and covered it with a cloth fall themed napkin....I got lots of compliments on how cute this easy too. Note: Food on Trays = Great for parties!

Roomie and I also brought a baguette with some soft cheese but didn't even need to open it. My friend even made a chicken pot pie! It was delicious, and I can't tell you the last time I had it. She used a healthier recipe which called for a phyllo crust, but she just used a I don't know how much healthier it ended up being, but it was worth it.

My piece (well my first piece...I went back for a little more)
Pumpkin bread!
But...this was really the pride and joy of the evening...and just kept calling my name all night...but really who can resist a little pot of soft delicious WARM caramel!!

With apple sliced and pretzels for dipping! I LOVED the apples for I don't even remember how many I had but I kept going back. Hey it's a fruit, so it's not that bad right??? Haha, plus the caramel is actually fat free, I'm sure that doesn't make it way better but a little maybe. I have one of those little mini crock pots...and now I know what to do with it ;)

Welcome to Study Weekend 2008 (first annual and hopefully last)...

As soon as I get ready, I'm off to my moms house (who is gone all day), so I can have the place to myself and just study study study!! Plus get to see my cute little pupper dog! I mean don't think I'm not going to pop online once in a while to check in...

Have a great Saturday peeps!!

p.s. I did buy some eye cream :)


  1. What a fun Girls' Night!! Loooove the vegetable platter that you brought; and wow, that pumpkin bread and caramel dip station look quite delicious.

    Good luck with Study Weekend 2008!! :0)

  2. What a fun party! I would have sat next to the carmel pot all night long hahah! Your platter is beautiful! Nice work! Again, Good Luck studying!!

  3. Hey! thanks for the comment on my page - it led me to yours... the apple with caramel looks delish!

  4. i love the veggie platter- very cute! ikea is the best :D
    the caramel and apples look incredible!
    have a very happy saturday and good luck with all your studying!