Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lack of Camera and Kim Kardashian

I woke up nice and refreshed this morning and went for a little walk/run first thing this morning since I haven't really worked out since dance class on Tuesday. Roomie and I were going up to NH to visit one of our friends who just got engaged! I had a little medley of breakfast items this morning...

Some TJ's Greek yogurt with granola, and a drizzle of maple syrup...about 5 min later I added some Annie's Honey Bunnies to the mix :)
A banana hazelnut muffin defrosted from the freezer and heated in the toaster...these are still awesome...only 1 left now!And for some fruit...a half of a juicy red grapefruit!
All in all this was a great combo of a breakfast to keep me going through a big planned shopping day!
Unfortunately, I left my camera here!! Which is too bad because the roomie and I ended up at the Cheesecake Factory on our way back from NH, and I ordered the fish tacos! These were awesome...grilled mahi mahi with lots of fun toppings. I ordered the toppings on the side so they weren't inundated with cheese and sauces...well what I received was an entire second plate with 8 little bowls all full of different accoutrements: Guac, salsa, cheese, ancho cream, avocado cream, tomatoes, cole slaw (dry, like just the cabbage mix), and marinated onions! It was awesome!
Today was a successful shopping two sweater dresses from Banana...1 for my engagement pictures tomorrow! Brian and I are taking our engagement photos tomorrow morning...maybe I can ask her to take one with my camera too :)
And now a small rant...why does Kim Kardashian have to ruin my birthday! I just found out she's hosting an Ultimate Girls Night Out at the bar that we were planning to go to on my birthday (Nov 7th...just in case you were wondering). Not the end of the world, but we are going to move my bday outing to the 8th instead...the place will be waaaayyy too packed to have fun when she's there...ok that's all :)


  1. Owww two sweater dresses. I want a sweater dress! Aw...maybe once our house in MD sells! Have SO much fun at the pictures tomorrow, I can't wait to see the results! Enjoy every minute- I bet you will look fabulous. Don't let Kim Kardashian ruin your birthday! Who is paying her to go to a bar=lame!

  2. ooooo yay for good shopping finds!

    i went to the cheesecake factory the other night and was this close to getting those tacos - they sounded so yummy - next time i'll give them a whirl!

    have tons of fun at your engagement picture session!

  3. hahaha kim kardashian ruins a lot of things, me thinks.

  4. Dang, that must be some rockin' place for Kim Kardashian to want to go there ;-) you must be in the know!! i just saw those fish tacos in blogosphere recently... they must be good! have a great sunday :)

  5. hey girl. i posted something special for you on my blog! check it out :D