Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yay Dance, Boo Computer

Well, I'm here blogging from my roommate's laptop since I apparently still do not have a hard drive...weird how that thing can just "disappear"! Maybe I'll try the Geek Squad because I really just don't feel like putting the effort into fixing it myself :(

In better news, I FINALLY got to dance's been like a month!! So favorite exercise always :)

This post is all about my dinner last night...Simple Satisfying Scrumptious Sandwich, Salad, and Soup!!!
I got home from the gym last night, looked in the fridge, and remembered all about the deli meat I had on I wanted a kick ass sandwich. It included a little of all the items I had:
  • Boars Head Honey Maple Turkey
  • Boars Head Virginia Baked Ham
  • Sweet Sopresatta from the North End in Boston
  • American Cheese!
  • WW Arnold Sandwich Thin
  • smear of Dijon Mustard

Because I wanted my veggies I made a little salad with:

  • Baby Spinach
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Red Pepper
  • Newman's Own Light Caesar Dressing

Because I was cold I also had a little bit of TJ's Creamy Tomato and Red Pepper soup for warmth...

The Spread:

I also want to highlight a new Trader Joe's snacky that I had with this...These are AMAZING!! They aren't very Gorgonzola-y strong if you don't care for the cheese, they are just these little tasty crackers with a great seasoning to make them just delicious!! Highly recommend trying them for a great flavor punch!

And they are little...about quarter size!

Tonight's dinner wasn't as extensive, but also delish...I had a bowl of leftover veggie pasta bake the roomie made this can see the pan of it in this post with my cute new spoons!

But the star was dessert...I found 1 last little no pudgie brownie in the freezer, so I heated it up and added some chocolate and pistachio gelato!

It really is too cold for ice cream, but I just couldn't help it.


So...when does it get easier? It's getting a little frustrated because I felt like I was getting better and was getting excited about the possibility of me running more! However, lately it doesn't feel any better or easier and sometimes just down right harder!! It's also annoying because it really is too cold to run outside right now so I am subject to the treadmill...which can only keep my interest for so long. I hear about some others who go from couch to 10K in less than a year and I just can't even fathom it! I'm definitely not at the "couch" stage by any means but I also feel like I will never get past the 5K stage...and I haven't even ran a whole 5k!


  1. Hooray for going to dance class and for your dessert!! So sorry about your computer and about the running though - hang in there!!

  2. Hooray! It must have been awesome to get back to dance class. I miss it so much too. I hope I can find a class here in the city sometime. It's been too long.

    As for running, I feel like it gets a litttttttle easier each time I run.

  3. Dance has ALWAYS been my favorite exercise too, I wish that gyms offered more dance classes, I would totally go!

    Soup, salad, and sandwich for dinner? Girl, you're speaking my language, yum!

    I know what you mean about running too. Some days I feel like I'm building endurance and others it's like I'm getting no where near running a race...I think it's more mental than we realize. We just gotta keep on keepin' on!

  4. Your sandwich makes me want to eat turkey.

    About running. I am not an expert as I've only run one 5k in my life, butI would say that the day of the 5k it seemed a lot easier than any other outdoor run I'd ever done. I am a treadmill master, but outside is really hard. How far are you running at a time? Every time I run, the first 20 minutes is the hardest, then the next 10 minutes gets a little easier and then after 30 minutes it really is like a little groove I get in. For the treadmill make a really good playlist.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! As you read, I'm frustrated with running too. I do feel it getting easier, the shorter distances at least. My easy 1-mile runs turned into easy 2-mile runs and are now easy 3-mile runs, which I'm thrilled about, but I really hate running anything more than 4 now. And as much as I hate running in the cold, I can't imagine trying to do more than a couple of miles on the treadmill! Its just too easy to hit "stop" and quit early in. At least on the road I just have to stay motivated for the first 1/2, until I get to the farthest point from home, then I know that I'm on my way back and if I keep running I'll get home faster. :) Good luck, I'm excited to follow your journey!

  6. Glad you made it to dance. Your sammy looks so good- love the Arnold's thins. I hear you on the running, I think some days our bodies are totally into it and others the're completely against it! Keep pushing and you will get there! I agree with everyone else that running outdoors is much easier because it keeps your mind occupied.

  7. UGH! I totally feel your running pain!

    Im at about 5 miles right now - and that can seem totally tortorous some days. (and I'm stuck on treadmills as well) - I'm not positive it gets easier, I think we just have to get mentally stronger.. I'm not sure! If you get any "gems" of wisdom on how to push through - POST THEM! I'd love to hear the advice as well!

  8. Hmm...those tricky little hard drives! They just run off, can't keep 'em in the computer ;)

    Those TJs crackers are SO.GOOD!

  9. Are you doing the Couch to 5K program? I started that too and I can't really break 3 miles. I'm not a natural runner but I really hope it gets easier!!

  10. Yay for the brownie discovery!

  11. lovely gelato!

    my two cents about the running, take a little time off, i'm sure you'll be itching to get back soon, even be excited about it!!

  12. I've got to get those TJ's crisp crackers. They look amazing!!!!

  13. I want to take a dance class! That sounds like so much fun.

    Hang in there! No one believes it but I used to DESPISE running. I definitely agree that treadmill running is boooring, so hopefully Spring will be here soon! Sometimes on the treadmill I'll play with the speeds, rather than just stay at a constant pace. Keeps my heart rate up and passes the time, too. And when in doubt, there's always new music. :-)