Friday, January 30, 2009

A Friday List Post

I am feeling in the mood to put my thoughts and statements into a numbered list without further ado (?)...

1. I am really sick of my lack of a computer...luckily Brian ordered me a new Hard drive!

2. It's sad that this new hard drive was only $40 for 80GB and god knows how much I paid for it when it was new (and only 60 GB)

3. He is installing said hard drive tomorrow! Yippie Skippie!!

4. I left my coffee on the counter this sad, I was really looking forward to it because I put yummy chocolate soy milk and a little almond syrup in it.

5. So I settled for a Soy Misto at S-bucks!

6. Speaking of Starbucks... I was invited to a media/blogger event tomorrow at a Starbucks in Boston for a Tea tasting/pairing! I'm guessing/hoping we'll be tasting the new Tea Latte's which I've been dying to try but nervous to order.

7. PLUS I believe I will be meeting some bloggers tomorrow at this Starbucks event!!!

8. Breakfast yesterday was delicious per usual. Last Slice of TJ's Multi-grain bread (cut into two thinner slices)9. 1 slice with Barney Butter, then Raspberry spread over half of the BB (banana slices added later). 1/2 slice with PB and Raspberry, and 1/2 with butter!
10. I had no lunch packed and decided to head over to Whole Foods to see what looked good!

11. The WF's near my work had a taco bar station with the other hot/cold foods!! So I proceeded to make a taco salad (with a few extras)
  • lettuces, red onion, shredded carrots from the cold salad bar
  • sour cream
  • Guac
  • shredded cheese
  • salsa
  • taco chicken meat!! It was like roasted shredded chicken, not ground...mmm!

  • crushed a few tortilla chips on top
  • Also:
  • roasted veggies (summer squash, Zucchini, peppers, sweet potato)
  • pasta salad (couple bites)
Filling and delicious!

12. I blew off the gym last night :( I even drove there!! I was just feeling so tired and I wanted to get to bed earlier!! I am feeling the guilt though. Plus I had to do some cooking/baking for...

13. Tonight I am going to a friend/co-workers house for dinner! She is having fajitas so I offered to make Guac and dessert.

14. First the Guacamole...honestly this is Life Changing Guacamole...the best I have EVER tasted and it's brought to you by Ina! The Barefoot Contessa
15. How did I live before I had this cookbook stand! Seriously!! No loosing your page or trying desperately to keep it open with a can of tomatoes placed in the middle for added a shield...because maybe I tend to make a big mess when I cook ;)

16. The recipe calls for lemon juice...I used it, but I also used a little lime juice as well (because I needed it for dessert too)
17. All the ingredients in the bowl (minus tomatoes...added at the end)This is before it is mixed with two knives (mixing and simultaneously cutting the avocados)'s really chunky!! I'll get a pic of the final product tonight!

18. Dessert...hmmm what would go good with a Mexican feast? Something Refreshing... I'll give two hints (well three if you were paying attention before)

Any guesses????

Well I just finished a late bowl of oats...actually it was up there with the best bowls ever, but I'll post about that later :)

Enjoy your Friday everyone!!!


  1. Love the list format!! And thankfully there's more pluses for ya than minuses (hang in there with the computer issues!!).

    Love Ina Garten's recipes/cookbooks!!

    I'm guessing a key lime pie or something :-)

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Love the list, I function solely on lists!

    Don't feel guilty about the gym, I think you listened to your body and didn't force it, that's something to be proud of!! :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. I loved reading this--the list format was very fun. Have a blast at the starbucks thingy tomorrow! How cool is that. I can't wait to see which bloggers you meet up with. Love Ina, love that guac. Have a great Friday

  4. Here's a list for your list:
    1. LOVE lists :)
    2. Hooray for new hard drive
    3. Have fun at Starbucks with the bloggies!
    4. Lovely guac and WFs salad!
    5. Have a wonderful Friday!

  5. Some sort of lime flan????????

    The guacamole looks delicious!

  6. Some sort of lime flan????????

    The guacamole looks delicious!

    Have fun meeting the other bloggers!

  7. I've been dying to try the New Tea Lattes too! I think I'm going to have one before my plain ride tomorrow morning

  8. very cool about the starbucks/blogger meet-up. have fun!

    I want the barefoot contessa cookbook because that quac looks great. Limes and a crust - I am going with veggie girl - key lime pie?

  9. It was pretty fun reading it in list form :)
    I'm guessing lime marengue pie!
    Btw, I know you got this book stand as a gift, but do you know where I can purchase one? I think you may have mentioned it before... sorry.
    I'm really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

  10. Elina - I think my roomate got the cookbook stand at Sur La Table...but I have seen them at William Sonoma too! Best invention ever :) Can't wait to meet tomorrow!

  11. 1. Love the list format
    2. I am EXACTLY the same with cook books, I should get a stand too.
    3. I hope those tea flavours come to the UK the Vanilla Rooibos and Berry latte sound especially good

  12. Key Lime Pie!

    And now I want some toast with pb & j. Alas, I have none of those things here at work.

  13. sounds like a great recipe!! have fun at starbucks tomorrow =]

  14. Yay for the Starbucks event tomorrow! I'm totally jealous! Cant wait to hear about it!

    Love the list format - it's totally how my mind operates!

  15. thanks for the sweet comment! what lovely eats :) i'm from boston & live there-- do you live here too!? have a great time tomorrow-- cant wait to see pics! maybe i'll run into you sometime!! and don't feel bad about skipping the gym-- it sounds like your bod needed a rest :) have a great night!

  16. haha i love your 1/2 1/2 1/2 breakfast toast! What a fun meetup- i want to fly and out and drink tea and chat with you :D!!

  17. omg the taco salad looks perfect! another reason why i need a whole foods in my back yard :)

    i LOVE ina garten/barefoot contessa, she is such a culinary goddess! looks amazing.

  18. I am list addict so that was fun to read ;) I am dying to try those tea lattes, too!
    WF taco salad sounds awesome :D Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  19. Love the blog, Bridget. Great seeing all my fellow bloggers at the event today!

  20. Love your list! What an awesome cookbook! Hope you had a great day!

  21. It was nice to meet you today! We should try to get together again!

  22. i love a good list! i find that's the easiest way to compose my thoughts, otherwise i'm all over the place!

    your pictures are spectacular! it's 11:21 at night here and i just want to drive to whole foods and recreate that taco salad right about now! =)

    have a fantastic night, can't wait to see those oats (i'm always looking for new ideas!)

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