Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eating, Working, Family

Work has been very busy this week (well until now...hence a new post!). I unfortunately had to miss dance class AGAIN last night due to another damn Bruins game, and that I had to just work late anyways. I was really annoyed about missing my planned activity so I just did a later than normal workout at the gym! Usually once I go home after work...that's it, I'm in for the night, but last night I just came home, changed super fast, had a snack and was on the treadmill by 7:30ish.

Last night this was good for two reasons: Less crowded (esp for January), and better TV options!! There's really crap to choose from around 5:30-6:30 when I'm usually there.

These past two evenings have led to sporadic dinners...random bites here and there, but I like those. I don't have pics from last night but I finished off the seafood salad, with 1/2 slice of GH nine grain bread, and some leftover Roasted Butternut Squash Soup!

Other bites from yesterday:


2 Flax Plus waffles, 1 container of Chobani plain yogurt, strawberries!, drizzle of maple syrupYum, yum yum!! Lunch was delicious's Spanish steak (like a version of a beef stew...but better), and my veggie dish from Sunday...
I ate 1/2 slice of GH nine grain bread with Smart Balance along with the Spanish steakI'm seriously obsessed with this green bean/kale dish!! It's INCREDIBLE!! Cooking with the wine, and the lemon juice and everything just gives it So Much Flavor! I don't think I mentioned this in the original post, but I used a few shitake mushrooms instead of the ones called for in the recipe.Today:

I just finished my oatmeal breakfast about 30 min ago (around 10:50)!! So late! I had a lot of time sensitive work to do as soon as I got to work today so all I could get was a half of a Coconut Cream Larabar until I could get to my oats.

Well worth the wait...I swear sometimes I feel like I'm eating dessert when I add a few chocolate chips. Nothing like melty chocolate and PB for breakfast!
The usual: 1/3 c. oats, milk, water, salt, pumpkin butter, topped with: granola, 1/4 coconut cream larabar, few choc. chips, few butterscotch chips, spoon of White Choc. PB!
So as you can see there has been and will be a lot of dress trying on for me, and those around me...including my mom. She's SO so excited for my wedding and from time to time have talked about what she will wear. At first she said she wanted to loose X amount of weight before she starts looking. Well I've been engaged since March...and she has only JUST started actually working on a diet to loose weight. I've never asked her to loose weight, its not me pushing...but she'll ask me what she should do, what to eat...etc. I tell her what I know, what has worked for me and yet she doesn't keep it up.

I just get frustrated because #1 she does need to loose some weight...she carries her excess weight around her mid section which is the worst place to carry excess weight, so that scares me for her future. She's healthy now, but who knows.
#2. She needs a dress! Hahah, no really she does. Plus she wants like a dark pink, or eggplant color and those colors are not going to be around for much longer as the spring colors are already coming into stores.

Ok I'm done with that little rant... my mom is great! She's the best...she even called me from the grocery store a couple weeks ago because Chobani's were 10 for $10! So she bought me 10! :)

I am also having the best time planning the wedding with her (oh and Brian hehe). It's just me and her, I am an only child and my dad past away 2 years ago (well 2 years in a couple weeks), so she's walking me down the aisle :) I am just worried for her well being, and want her to be healthy to be around for a long time.

Does anyone else have health concerns with their parents?? Wish their parents would pick up some of the good habits that you have come to adopt with your eating and exersize?


  1. Aw, Bridget I'm so sorry about your dad. I'm an only child too, and my dad passed away 6 years ago, at the end of this month. January is such an extremely hard month for me, his birthday was the 19th too. I am so close with my mom and I still miss him a lot. Good luck with your wedding planning, I know it must be hard :D Hope you have a great day.

  2. i agree - chocolate makes oatmeal feel like dessert! love it!

    i agree with you about being concerned for parents. my mom is pretty healthy and only about 10 or 20 lbs overweight but she eats wayyy to much white rice/bread and potato chips! her midsection is the largest part too which i know means greater risk for lots of diseases. i always get nervous but it's only up to them to make the change. the best we can do is be supportive and loving :)

    i can't wait to see pics of your wedding dress by the way!!

  3. Good luck with all the wedding planning!!

    I get concerned with my parents as well. I too am an only child but I can't even imagine having one of my parents pass away :( My mom is starting to get into the same kind of bars I eat (Laras, Clifs, etc). Other than that my parents and I eat very different diets!

  4. Hey girl- great post! A very interesting topic to bring up! Health wise, my parents do pretty well- they both go to the gym and eat lots of fruit/veggies. My dad smoked for YEARS and finally quit but still chews the gum. My only concern is that I think they drink too much wine!

    I hope work slows down and you have an easier second half of the week.

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad. I am sure it is hard when you are planning a celebration like your wedding. Good luck to your mom. From your point of view, I know it can be hard and frustrating when people look to you for answers, but don't accept or follow the advice~

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! it is such an exciting time and before you know it, the big day will be here. so clique but so true.

  7. Oh sweetie I'm so sorry about your dad. :( I can relate to feeling frustrated about your mom. I feel that way about my folks and my hub. It's hard.
    I love the kale/green bean combo!

  8. Hang in there with work!!

    Larabar in oats?!?!??! BRILLIANT!!! Loooove it.

    I worry about my folks as well, but they're doing fabulously. I'm terribly sorry about your dad, but DO know that he'll be there with you at your wedding, watching over the entire beautiful ceremony.

    **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I'm stressed already) - PLEASE know that I'm still loyally reading, but just won't have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  9. interesting topic, i definitely have some thoughts on the rents, but the best i can do is lead by example and encourage good behavior when i can!

  10. My Mom gets the same way. She hasn't bought new clothes in forever becuase she doesn't want to have to buy so and so size and then says she needs to lost weight but makes no effort. and she really does not need to lose any weight. THe best I can suggest is take her to a mall make her try stuff on. GOod luck!

  11. Love your breakfast!!!

    I'm concerned about my in-laws. They're really feeling the effects of aging and don't eat the best. I'm trying to introduce new foods to a subtle way of course!

  12. wow, this post was so good that i showd it to MY mother! i also enjoyed reading about what other bloggers wrote about their parents. my parents are very active-golf, tennis, paddle, biking, running, etc. Our dog is crazy, so if we chased her all day, we'd be getting enough exercise for the tri-state area.

    they are obviously older than me so I do not think they need nearly as much food as I do. My mom doesnt eat breakfast but she enjoys real food, real ice cream, etc. she is very petite but still eats whole foods. i love her for that!
    my dad appreciates good food like art. its so cool!

  13. Bridget, I know I'm a few days late but I totally wanted to comment on this parent issue. I had the same exact thing with my dad. He is extremely overweight and just refused to calorie count or exercise. He thought that just portion control would do the trick because that's what worked for him in the past. Well, smaller portions of bad stuff is still horrible for you, plus you just feel hungry all the time because you can't eat very much. I finally got him going to the gym after a while. After showing him all the cardio machines and the express weight machines at BSC, he really loved it! I was actually really surprised at how much he liked it (does your mom exercise?). I think he liked seeing improvements in his fitness level and stuff. The food part is much more difficult. He calorie counted in his head for a while, but I'm not sure what he's doing now, although I think just educating him about it was helpful... now at least he can put things in perspective because he knows how many calories certain things are than he likes. He lost like 30 pounds before my wedding but he's so big you couldn't honestly tell. I felt bad. I know he's still trying but in my opinion he's not trying hard enough. I'm trying not to judge though, and be helpful. I hope your mom comes around. I know she'll want to look beautiful at your wedding!! Good luck! :)

  14. I just want to say that I am so extremely sorry to hear about your dad. My BF has a similar situation with his mom and it is so hard. I always tell him to just be supportive - she has to want to do it. My parents are probably healthier than me, which I feel extremely lucky about - they eat well and work out all the time.

    I am excited to hear more about your wedding - love that stuff.