Sunday, January 25, 2009

Holy Busy Weekend!

Wow...I've missed the blog world all weekend!! This is legit the first time I've sat at a computer since Friday at work...especially since Brian was trying to "diagnose" my computer Friday night. He decided he's just going to buy me a new hard drive, and because my computer is about 4 years old it's only about $40! Sweet! I hope that solves the issue.
Reluctantly dragged my butt out of bed at 6:45AM to go to Hot Yoga at 7:30AM! As much as it pains me, I am always SO happy I makes me feel great and therefore is a great start to the day!

Breakfast was planned to be oats...I haven't had oats yet since I got my Barney Butter! Well it's going to have to wait until tomorrow because I couldn't decide on breakfast and made a Half & Half Breakfast sandwich to go with my Soy Cappuccino!

  • 1 Arnold Sandwich thin cut in half
  • 1/2 as an egg sandwich: 1 egg, American cheese, ham
  • 1/2 with Barney Butter, Raspberry preserves, banana

Solved the salty and sweet cravings.

After breakfast I packed my things and Brian and I were off!

1st it was a family bday party, then we left and headed north to NH. His friend was having a 70's Fondue Party! Brian and I went to this great second hand store Friday night to find outfits :) His was awesome! He got a shirt, pants, and wore the aviators that I got for myself...but looked way better on him.

His pants are these tight hounds tooth print pants that were too short for him hehe! I got that lovely shirt and was also wearing some sweet platforms that I had bought in high school! My outfit paled in comparison to his but that's fine by me :)


Woke up at Brian's moms' house, and we headed south. He dropped me at a bridal shop to try on dresses for ANOTHER friend of mine getting married this year that I am a bridesmaid for.

I must say I really like the we are all wearing them and the color chosen was the dark purple of the girl on the right.

That was efficiently done in about 20 min!! Awesome! Then we had lunch and I enjoyed a lovely (unpictured) Greek salad with grilled shrimp!

Roomie and I then drove 45-55 min east to Portsmouth, NH to meet our friend for her bday dinner. However, she was stuck in traffic in Boston!! So we drove another 45min to 1 hour south back to Boston and have dinner there. A bit much time in the car but what can you do!

We ended up at the Roadhouse BBQ in Brookline! It was yummy...but my favorite part was my beer! I wanted to order one and wasn't sure what I wanted so the waiter suggested this:

Brooklyn Brewery: Savoir Faire It was really delicious! Crisp yet slightly fruity...but not like girly beer delicious beer fruity. I even had a Second glass! And yes I was feeling goood! I should say that I RARELY drink so if I start feeling a little good sometimes I'll just go with it :)

I also enjoyed some great vegetarian Chili...most of which I brought home...yay leftovers!

And obviously some corn bread...mmmm

I also had some collard greens but the pic came out blurry :(

When I returned home I had an exciting package from Food Buzz!!

Quaker True Delights

I am incredibly excited to try all three flavors...that toasted coconut banana macadamia but bar sounds SO Delicious!!!

Well I am super tired right now and only had enough time on roomie's laptop to do this I will be SURE to check out all your wonderful blogs tomorrow...I Miss Them!!

Goodnight Moon


  1. Busy weekend, but it all looks fun! That 70's fondue party sounds hysterical!

    Have a great night :)

  2. WOW - those dresses are gorgeous!

  3. I love the 70s outfits!

    Great idea to make two sandwiches for breakfast!

  4. love those 70's outfits--great party theme with the fondue! how fun :D

    love the dresses, too. SO glamorous yet chic and simple. You look beautiful in it and its a fab shape for you!

    Have a great start to your week, Bridget! Missed your posting <3

  5. I aalways put sweet and savory on my two pieces of toast! :D I can never decide. Gorgeous dresses, they look very grecian and elegant! Haha and I also looove theme parties...I'm sure it's a dancer thing too ;D

  6. Great idea to have the half & half sandwich for breakfast! The best of both worlds.

    And jealous of the Quaker bars - they look awesome.

  7. What a fun weekend! Love your pics!

  8. Hey girl- sounds like you had a really fun weekend! Love the 70's outfits - too cute. The bridesmaid dresses are also very pretty-elegant! Glad you made it to hot yoga (love it so much!) I want to try those quaker bars- they look awesome.

  9. Wowza, what a weekend!! That party theme is just too fun :-D

    LOOOOVE the dresses!!

    Happy Monday!!

  10. That breakfast is the best of both worlds! TOO FUNNY with the 70s party - I love that idea!

    Pretty dresses and I hope you like the true delights (I sadly wasn't much of a fan :( )

  11. Hehe, my sunglasses look better on my husband too! :)
    Did I ask you yet if you're around for Starbucks' blogger tea tasting this Saturday? Sorry I can't remember! Are you? :D

  12. A 70's fondue party?! That sounds like way too much fun! Love the outfits!