Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well today I headed back to work for the first time since Christmas Eve!! (well I went in for 3 hours on New Years Eve), but that doesn't really count. It was...well, work. Man it wasn't a smooth transition back into blogging as well, I didn't take ANY pictures until dinner!

Brief weekend recap:

I knew I had to have some of my new Great Harvest bread for break fast...A delicious thick slice of Dakota bread, toasted...half with PB and J, the other with smart balance and J. By the way my "J" is really TJ's raspberry fruit spread...its just raspberries...yum!

And a banana...I also got a fun package from Food Buzz...

It was a promotional gift from MOO MiniCards!
Mini business cards for Yogurt and Berries!
The plastic case contains mini business cards each with a beautiful glossy picture of some type of food on the back. I have never seen business cards like this before! What a wonderful idea.The only little problem is that they put my first and last name...not something I would like to make public with the website, but if I decide to pass them out I can just black it out with a Sharpie :)

Saturday continues...

We went to Brian's stepbrother's wedding! It was very simple gathering and the couple paid for everything by themselves so that means they did a lot themselves, but everything looked wonderful.


...involved a lot of shopping. I really wanted to hit up the Nike Outlet for some new sneakers that would work with my new Nike + Ipod! Everything was going well until Brian wanted to check if the J. Crew outlet had any dress shirts on sale. Well they did, as well as lots of other great sales! I got a few things...well 5 things!! Oh well whats done is done.

On the way home we stopped in Manchester, NH where we both lived for about a year after graduation. We stopped at our favorite breakfast/lunch spot. I had a delicious veggies sandwich with a side of fruitThen more driving, more errands and later on made dinner!

We bought a rotisserie chicken...YUM!! I never think of buying one but man I need to do it more often. I also made some broccoli, sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and some whole grain mustard. All with a side of GH Nine Grain Bread.
And a little bbq for dipping...mmm.

Dessert was a fresh batch of No Pudgies!
Tonight: GYM!

Now I think it's really great that people get motivated to workout for the new year...but SERIOUSLY it's annoying! Luckily I left work a few minutes early because by the time I got off the treadmill there were people WAITING for cardio machines!! I hope this dies down ASAP. I did however have a super sweaty workout.

40 min of cardio and 10 min of weights

50 min 44 sec
373 cals
Max HR 181
Avg HR 149

I also used my Nike Ipod attachment, but I think I need to calibrate it because either it's off or the treadmill is off, which very well could be. For instance at one point the treadmill said I was at an 8min/mile pace but the Ipod said 7 min/mile!


Enjoying Gossip Girl!!!


  1. I just got my FoodBuzz cards today! Love your dress from the wedding!

  2. Love your breakfast!!

    Hooray for Foodbuzz cards!!

    Fabulous wedding event photo of you two!!


  3. Oh wow I love your dress that you wore to the wedding! Where is it from? You are so pretty :)

    Love the business cards- what a great idea!


  4. back to the grind sucks!

    Looks like you had some great eats!

    I was sad FoodBuzz never sent me any business cards :(

  5. I didn't like my last name being on there either, but I still think the cards are super-cute and I appreciate Foodbuzz for sending them!

    I love your dress at the wedding too!

  6. You look so beautiful in your black lace dress! Very classic :) Hope you eventually transition back into work smoothly. Love all your eats as usual, and AWESOME J.Crew finds! Outlets are great, aren't they?

    Enjoy your evening + Gossip Girl !

  7. The gym has been tough/crowded since the new year! Its crazy...I've been planning an extra 5 or 10 minutes just so I can park before class! You look adorable in that pic from the wedding- love the dress!

  8. You look beautiful in those pics!!

    Yeah, I hate how crowded the gyms get in January/February. It's kind of ridiculous.

    I used to have one of those ipod nike things (until my ipod was stolen, tear) and it definitely said a faster pace than in real life (I used it for an official 5K I ran and it defintiely told me I was done before I really was). You should recalbrate it.

  9. Oh my goodness - I'm in love with your dress! Where's it from if you don't mind me asking?

    Sorry about the rough day at work - hope today goes better!

    Yay for packages :)

  10. love those little business cards! And your dress is awesome - black house/white market? I feel like I saw something like that there? love it.

  11. Such a pretty dress! Glad you got your foodbuzz cards. It's exciting isn't it?

  12. Great weekend eats! Love the pic of you and your boy!