Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Winter Go Away

Come again in December! Yeah it's snowing...AGAIN, and yesterday was about 10 degrees and made walking around Boston very numbing. I was meeting up with one of my friends (and bridesmaids), and the walk from the T to her condo was rough...have you ever been outside in the cold long enough where your face kind of gets numb and when I went to talk it felt funny like I couldn't move my mouth right haha. I felt like I had a speech impediment for 5min! I couldn't feel my mouth moving!

Luckily I started my morning before that with Hot Yoga! It felt so nice to walk into that warm and toasty room and relax before class started. We definitely did a little more ab type stuff, because mine are a bit sore this morning.

After Yoga, I grabbed a non-fat cappuccino from Starbucks (with caramel drizzle on top :), and headed back to the apt for some oats!I used half of the banana in my oats, and just ate the other half while they were was a perfectly ripe banana in my standards.
This was a usual combo (actually used the oats I had set up for Thursday, but never had!)
  • 1/3 c. oats
  • 1/3 c. skim milk
  • 1/3 c. water
  • salt
  • 1/2 banana
Mixed in:
  • 1 T ricotta
  • 1 tsp pumpkin butter
  • a few golden raisins
  • rest of the Bare Naked Granola sample
  • a sprinkle of low fat cranberry granola (bulk bins at WF)
  • a few items from Tempting Trail Mix (2 choc. chips, 2 PB chips, peanuts, 2 dried cherries)
  • a small squeeze from the Justin's Honey Almond Butter packet
  • a small tsp of raspberry spread
  • spoon of White Choc. PB
Look at that melty chocolate chip right up front!! Mmmmm
After I showered and got dressed I had an AMAZING seriously one of the best I've ever had. Sorry no pic.

My friend, Jen, and I went to a bridal show at the Westin Copely in it was packed!!!

There were a few times we felt like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway when we dropped this line:
"we're both getting married and are both in each other's weddings!" least mine is September and hers it no fighting :)

We had some delicious eats at Piattini on Newbury Street after (we both had that icky feeling after you have a piece of wedding cake for lunch...we needed real food).

So sorry for no pics, not many of my real friends know about the blog, but we had a yummy sampling of food.

More walking and back to her fiance's condo in the North End, I may have picked up some canollis.

This morning I woke up to damn snow, better go shovel in a few. But first a uber yummy piece of toast.
  • GH Dakota Bread
  • WF's creamy PB (I bought salted by mistake...although its still delicious, I usually prefer unsalted)
  • TJ's Raspberry Fruit Spread
I must say the salty with the sweet was delectable, just added more fruit spread than usual :)Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! I, unfortunately, do not have MLK day off tomorrow...bummer.


  1. Wow that is one mean bowl of oats! Yummy :)

    Stay warm! Sorry you don't get a holiday tomorrow :(

  2. I hear ya - my entire face gets numb in this weather, for sure!! Bring on spring already!!

    That bridal shower sounds fun but buuuusy (hate when fun events are packed like whoa).

    Enjoy your Sunday, Bridget!!!

  3. I just have a random question that pertains to a lot of food blogs—what do you actually do with the peanut butter spoon? I mean, do you lick it off? Do you stir it in? But doesn't it stick to the spoon?
    Random question, haha. :)

  4. Sounds like you had a fun day! My MIL planned my wedding - all I did was show up - which is good because all I knew is I wanted to marry my hubby - I didn't care what we ate or what kind of flowers there were.

    I don't have tomorrow off either!

  5. Ahhh delicious eats, as usual! Great mixins, too :) Love those bowls, are they from anthro? Fabulous, chic, just like you Bridget.

    Enjoy your day, gorgeous!

  6. I just started putting ricotta in my oats and I must say I love it!

    Okie - I know you're not asking me, but I like to plop the PB in the oats and let it melt in a little and take a little with each bite.

  7. I hear ya on the winter - it needs to go buh-byes!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  8. Great oats! I know, this weather is ridiculous!!! I want summer now!!! Have a great Sunday!

  9. I don't have tomorrow off either= boooooooooooooooo! Josh does- I'm totally jealous!

    Glad the bridal show was fun! I loved going to those things.

    Hot yoga is AWESOME ! Will post more about my thoughts on it later. I will def return

  10. Mmm, cannoli's :) yeah i don't know how people were running outside in this negative degree weather (with the windchill)!! hope you've thawed out and have a good sunday!

  11. Stay warm! It's been FREEZING in NY this week, but it's starting to warm up today. Never did I think I would be happy to have 30 degree weather!

    I DO have tomorrow off, but I have to work anyway!! Boo. :-/

  12. That honestly looks like the nicest bowl of oats I've ever seen. I wish England had better granola - we only have like, one brand in the supermarket!
    That toast..drool.. I want PB and J now!

  13. Yummy looking oats!!

  14. I don't like oats but those look delicious!

    ps. my friends don't know I have a blog either. Just the boyfriend and family...

  15. Sorry its so cold there. I'm sending warm thoughts your way,

  16. I just ate dinner, and now I'm looking at your blog and I want oatmeal!! I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow...

  17. Sounds like a fun Sunday! Hot Yoga sounds like the perfect activity for a freezing day.

  18. Okie - Haha funny question, I'll keep some on the spoon for a few bites here and there, but most just slides off into the bowl as it melts, then I'll grab some here and there for different bites. It just starts off on the spoon for a pretty pic!

    Amy - yes! They are from Anthro!!

  19. I LOVE your anthropologie bowl! AND GH Dakota bread is amazing. :)

  20. Pretty snow is better than ugly rain :/... stay warm! Spring will be here in a few months! Those oats look delish!

  21. The bridal show sounds crazy. My co-worker's fiance was there too! I never went to anything like that before our wedding. It sounds a little too stressful.
    Btw, I just recently started telling my real friends about the blog. I'm still a little shy about it, but they all really love it! I think it's because they can actually see me talk about this stuff and the ones that don't live in Boston, get to have an update on my life. It's a little scary telling people, but it's actually very rewarding to hear that they like it (surprisingly people that aren't even health conscious). Just thought I'd share...